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Cottage Cheese!


Man, I just picked up some cottage cheese tonight when I went to the store.

I was actually not knowing what to expect, because I remember reading on here about guys not liking cottage cheese, and what to mix it with to make it taste palatable, etc.

Man, it's GREAT. I can eat this stuff anyime. And it's such a bodybuilding superfood, how can you go wrong?


Oh man, cottage cheese is gross. You'll get sick of it soon. It starts off not that bad, but soon you would rather eat your own socks.


I've been eating cottage chesse with peanut butter as a late night snack for about 2 years, and I haven't got sick of it. That stuff is like crack, but healthy.


i used to think it wasnt that great until i tried breakstones. i don't know what it is, but this brand of cheese tastes pretty good.


I regularly eat a tub in a sitting. Love it. I still don't get the bitching about his stuff.


anyone tried Alta Dena Organic?? Im thinking about switching over to that. The regular alta dena is like the rolls royce of cottage cheese.

Avoid store brand like the plague!! They taste utterly(I know...) horrible.

I tried it once and HATED the stuff. Then I added some chocolate protein and p-butter.....dear god, desert is served.


I mix a cup of cottage cheese with 85 grams of raw broccoli... it was weird at first, but now I can't eat the c.c. without it!!!

I'm going to have to try the c.c. and peanut butter, that sounds interesting...


2 scoops of cc to 1 of pb. Heat in the microwave and stir them in together. It's the shit!!


I do the same, I enjoy the taste of both. A lot of members say they cant stand non fat cottage cheese too. I used to get just regular Cottage cheese which I think is like 4%? I just recently started getting non-fat and I even converted over likeing the taste of that, regular is too creamy for me now.


When I first started doing the cottage cheese nightly, I lived in Michigan. I liked the stuff up there. Then about a year ago I moved to Florida and its totally different stuff down here. I can't find any brand thats similar to any brand from Michigan. Down here its all creamy shit, took me a while to get used to it, but now its ok... i guess.


Me neither. I love low fat small curd cottage cheese. I eat it straight from the tub.


My personal favorite is a tub of cottage cheese with a small can (baby food size) of crushed pineapple in light syrup. Drain the syrup, toss in the pineapple, mix, and enjoy as a great-tasting, protein-packed pwo snack. Tangerines or fruit cocktail is also great.


I like it mixed with chunk light tuna. The first time I tried it I wasn't that thrilled, mixed it with protein powder and still nasty, but heard about the tuna/cottage cheese mix and I tried it out. I've grown to love that stuff. This thread has made me want to try it straight up w/o tuna tonight.


Does anyone have any concerns about the amount of salt in cottage cheese? I know they now have 'no salt' cottage cheese, but I don't have a container right now to check how much is actually in normal cottage cheese.



I just did this today:

1 cup fat free cottage cheese
4oz skim milk
5 strawberries diced up
1.5 scoops of strawberry metabolic drive

put it in the blender, and put pours a yogurt(ish) textured stuff. Didnt taste like CC at all.

This is what I plan to do when I'm not choking it down.


At first I had to force the stuff down but now I actually enjoy it!,


Agreed. Brand is EVERYTHING in the cottage cheese business and Alta Dena is a fine one. I don't know whether non CA people can get it though.

If you don't like the stuff you've tried, try another brand. The good stuff tastes oh so good while the bad stuff (most of it out there) tastes like shit that's been consumed, digested and then regurgitated into a little plastic container.


Cottage Cheese: plain, mixed... all good tasting. I put mine in 1 1/2 cups of milk in blender, add yogurt, bananas, and some kind of frozen berries ( to taste ) and enjoy a nice couple of glasses of cold muscle-building dairy. Tastes awesome! Great PWO shake.


Sounds like someones dones crack before...lol.