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Cottage Cheese


so we all know cottage cheese contains casein protein, which we should eat at nigh, right?
SO what I do I mix like 4 scoops with my protein shake, which taste really good, but at the bottom stay all the very small corny stuff from the cottage cheese which tastes really bad so I on't eat it.
Question is, do I still get my casein even if I don't eat the corny stuff?


EAT IT!!! That is cottage cheese. Curds of Protein.


Try mixing the cottage cheese in the blender before you add your protien. This will break up the curds and give you all the protien from what your not eating now! Breaking up the curds will also give your protien shake a much thicker, full look/taste/feel so you might have to add more liquid.


Yep. cottage cheese... curds and whey.

curds = casein

fluid on top = whey

In fact, I need to get back to adding cottage cheese to shakes for texture. So many recipes can result!


Mix it up for maybe two minutes. Drink 8 oz. then re-blend for 5 seconds, drink 8 oz., re-blend etc., etc. The trick being, don't let it settle, keep on top of it and drink it fast.


Put the cottage cheese in a bowl, throw in a scoop or two of chocolate Low-Carb Grow! and then a bit of peanut butter...

You'll have to eat it instead of drink it, but it won't separate!


Cottage cheese with banana Grow!, Hood carb control milk, and olive oil to a pudding consistency tastes great!