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cottage cheese

well i don’t post in this forum much, but here we go. i’m planning this time to drop weight gradually as opposed to my standard severe water weight drop before weigh ins.

i’ve noticed some people here cut out or atleast cut down on dairy when dieting. do you guys do this for cottage cheese also? despite it being mentioned as a great protein source in almost every t-mag article published?

me and dairy don’t mix, but i seem to be ok with cottage cheese when not dieting. when dieting though i seem to not go anywhere at all when eating cottage cheese, and i don’t know why. i eat ff cottage cheese btw

just wondering what you guys do

I’m one of the weirdos that likes dairy, John, at least the fat free kind. I’ve lost a lot of fat while gaining muscle and not cut out the dairy.

I’m not lactose intolerant, the sugars don’t bother me, and even though I could possibly achieve greater results if I abstained (although I’m not fully convinced), I’m not willing to give up the convenient source of protein.

My recommendation? Stick with the cottage cheese. It’s an awesome source of slowly digested protein, tastes great, and is inexpensive.

yep…what Mann said.

If you seem not to go anywhere when cutting and eating cottage cheese…don’t eat cottage cheese. See if that works…if it does than you know what to do…if it doesn’t make a difference try something else. You really need to play with your diet and see what works.

I find I have no problems cutting and maintaining my cottage cheese.