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Cottage Cheese


Hi all. I'm in Korea and heading to Guam for a vacation. Since I can't get cottage cheese in Korea, I want to get a shitload there and bring it back which brings me to my question: can you freeze the stuff? I'd like to bring back as much as possible so if anyone can tell me that'd be awesome.


That requires a 2 part answer

Yes you can freeze it. It freezes just fine like most any dairy product does.

The other answer is not necessarily.

Also, like any dairy product, it requires technique to freeze and thaw without changing the consistency.
As anyone who has made ice cream would know, you can't just freeze the stuff and expect it to work right. Same goes for yogurt, cottage cheese, and most other liquid-at-room-temp dairy items.

So, you "can" freeze it, but whether or not you can eat the unthawed stuff is up to you. I think after lots of stirring it may be close enough to original to eat.