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Cottage cheese

I was just wondering if anyone has any good idea’s for getting cottage cheese down the hatch. Iv tried eating it stright out of the container, but it’s just to nasty!

Welcome to the bodybuilding world. You have to sacrifice some flavour I’m afraid! I force all kind of crap down my throat I don’t even like! Anyway, to answer your question, you could try adding some diet jello mix with the cottage cheese in a blender, or maybe blend the cottage cheese in a blender with water and add a little flavoured whey or maybe chocolate syrup. YOu could also eat it with a lot of chopped up fruit which masks a lot of the flavour, or even heat it up with some regular cheese and tuna with some spices. At least this is what I usually do, or sometimes I will just suck it up and eat an entire 500g tub spoonful by spoonful… ya gotta want it and do what it takes! Usually I just throw it in the blender with water and a bit of whey, and down that as quick as I can. Doesn’t taste too horrible, and you can finish it in half a minute. Cheers.

Straight out of the container? Don’t you have more imagination than that? Try mixing with tuna and salsa. Or just salsa. Mix with protein powder and either egg beater stuff or a little milk to thin and then add dry or cooked oatmeal and artificial sweetner and/or cinnamon to taste. Or use fiber one cereal or flax meal instead of oatmeal. Mix in half a box of dry sugar free jello for a fruity taste. Add fruit of choice, or dry or cooked oatmeal to the jello/cottage cheese mix. Mix in half a can of red or black beans and lots of salsa for a cold version of meatless chili. Or go all out and make chilled tuna chili: 1 can tuna, 1-2 cups cottage cheese, 1/2-1 can red/black beans, lots salsa, olives optional, etc etc. Add your favorite canned veggy of choice and either salsa or low cal Italian dressing + season to taste. You can buy canned, diced tomatoes already seasoned with either Italian or Mexican seasoning - just pop open the can of chilled tomatoes and add half and half to cottage cheese. Mix in a TBS of natural peanut butter and sweeten with artificial sweetner than add either flax meal or oat meal to sweetened cheese/peanut butter mix. I keep cans of beans, tuna, veggies, tomatoes, etc chilled in the fridge ready to go and can mix up anything with cottage cheese in minutes. I could go on and on - use your imagination.

Chew, chew, swallow. Works for most people…

Its freaky to me how some people don’t like the ol cottage cheese, food of gods and mortal men alike. I eat at least 2 cups a day of the stuff in order to reach my protein and calorie goals. Maybe buy some fruit in a can and spread em in there? or some jam? or some fudge? I dunno… blending it with low carb grow and peanut butter masks the taste totally that I am very well familiar with.

Blender. Almost tastes like cream cheese that way.

Add pepper. It sounds weird, but try it.

Cottage cheese plus fat free/reduced sugar pudding mix in a blender is a godsend. The kind of pudding I get has about 6 grams of carbs per serving, which ain’t so bad. You can add water to make it into a milkshake, or use hardly any water to make it into pudding.

If you don’t want the extra carbs from the pudding mix, you can use splenda and some protein powder. This is just as tasty, but not as thick. Check out the shake it up! article a few issues back, I think some of the recipes had cottage cheese in 'em:

JELLO - Fat Free - Sugar Free Instant Pudding mix:
White Chocolate makes it taste like cheese cake. But don’t
over do it; it gets old quick.

I think Chris Sugart's Advanced Protein trick is pretty awsome! Usually put 10 drops of liquid stevia in it, though. (Eat it every night before bed!)

Trick: See T- Mag for answer!

OOOPS - His name is " Chris Shugart" not Chris Sugart!
Sorry, my bad!

I don’t much like CC plain either. Still, last week I ate 7 pounds of it, a big container per day. Blended it and mixed it with Low Carb Grow! As others have suggested, see the “Shake it up” article at T-mag.

BTW, the low fat kind doesn’t have much fat at all, but it really helps with the bitterness vs. the fat free kind. Doesn’t matter much the way I use it, but may work better in other recipes.

Cinnamon and splenda!

Call me crazy, but I like cottage cheese. Usually I’ll slice up and apple and stir that in…tastes fine.

They do vary a lot. I now eat 2 percent – very little saturated fat, not much fat at all, and it tastes great to me (I add some blueberries or raspberries, is all).

I don’t see what the problem is. Skim cottage cheese doesn’t really have much of a taste.

My last meal of the day is always CC, natural PB, and chocolate low-carb grow. It tastes great

Shit I think i’m the only one who likes plain cottage cheese. I think it tastes good! I used to make sandwhiches with it when i was younger. Anyways here’s a question. I know you can get dry curdles of cottage cheese in deli’s, but I want to know if there’s any grocery stores with it? I want to get it in bulk but usually see the creamy kind only!

you might want to try a different brand. i usually get Publix brand and I actually enjoy eating it. One time i was at superwalmart though and got Breakstone’s brand and ended up throwing it away. I couldn’t believe how big of a difference there was between the same item just a differecnt brand. That Breakstones was some nasty shit. Also, I don’t have any scientific info to back up this statement, but I believe your taste buds will learn to like nasty stuff if you eat it a lot. before surge came out i was making my own post-workout drink and at first I thought it tasted kinda bad. not nearly as bad as some people claimed, but it wasn’t enjoyable. after a couple of weeks of using it though i didn’t mind it. a couple more weeks and i actually LOVED the taste. then surge came out and i have been using it ever since. on a side note, something i found to be hilarious was that when i first started making the post workout shake my lab would run to the kitchen wanting food like she always does. i decided to let her try it, so i took a spoonful and let her lick it out of the spoon. she then ran off with her tail tucked. now, every single time she is in the kitchen and i use the blender she takes off running with her tail tucked. anyways, moral of the story is, try a different brand cottage cheese or keep eating the shit until you like it.

Wow, so am I one of the few people in the world who enjoys eating cottage cheese. I mean don’t get me wrong it can get nasty after while, but for the most part I can eat cottage cheese all day long.

Some of you are really missing the boat! Take 1 cup fat-free c.c. and stir in 1/2-1 scoop Vanilla Low Carb Grow, a serv. of splenda and a small amt. of either strawberries, blueberries or pineapple. This is honestly my second favorite meal of the day, next to the oatmeal concoction that Timbo came up with a while back.