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cottage cheese

no fat or low fat?

All depends on what you’re gonna eat with it. sometimes I toss in Cashews, and use it as a P+F Meal (in which case I want the fat in it), other times I may add madarin orange slices and use it as a P+C meal (in which case it should be the non fat cottage cheese).


Who cares?

What are you asking? Which is better, or whether cottage cheese is low fat or no fat? Well, it comes both ways, and which one you consume depends upon your goals.

Low fat tastes better and has less artificial crap in it.

Cottage cheese, non fat or low fat is nasty as hell, so what I do is get the non fat kind and pour a tablespoon of Udo’s Choice on it. It tastes pretty damn good. I get the protein and good fats I need. I like the idea of adding nuts to it also. Adding a scoop of protein powder like chocolate or strawberry isn’t a bad idea. I personally like adding Udo’s oil to the cottage cheese because the fats provide flavor and smooth texture. Give it a try.

I find skim cottage cheese much easier to eat.

Like the others have said, low fat tastes better and the amount of fat is only about 6 grams per 250 gram tub anyway. Doesnt really make much of difference either way.

I like the low-fat stuff, a scoop of AP, with 2 teaspoons of Tabasco mixed in, plus a teaspoon of Barlean’s Flax Sees oil. Damn tasty…

I actually buy the higher fat 4% cottage cheese, because the lower fat you go the more carbs you get. I put in a scoop or half of scoop of AP and it gives me a nice protein/fat serving (add oil too).

actually, part of my post was left out for some reason…i know about having pandf and pandc meals so deciding on low or no fat cottagge cheese wouldn’t be an issue there. but what i did ask that got left out was if there is anything good or special about the fat in cottage cheese so it would be worthwhile getting the kind with some fat in it. thanks for all your input!

There is nothing special in cottage cheese fat. It is most likely saturated and should be avoided.