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Cottage Cheese Substitute

I know CC is a good bedtime protein source. But, I’m trying to cut out dairy from my diet…anybody got any suggestions as to put in its place thats cheap and easy to eat like cottage cheese?

Whey shake.

Grilled chicken =)

protein powder based in calcium casienate

Chocolate protein powder and natural peanut butter, all mixed up.
I like it, but that’s not saying much as I will generally eat anything that can be masticated

just out of curiousity…why are you eliminating dairy? if its cause it gives you the shits then just leave that answer out, i dont wanna know that…

anyways, would buying plain old micellar casein protein powder work? or does that still constitute as “dairy”?

haven’t seen 3x in a while. Vpx makes a good product… its a micellean MRP, basically slow releace micellular cassein… perfect before bed. Tasty too.

I think Dairy fucks me up…Like every time a have alot of it I can hock up thick loogies for days, and it seems to stay in my throat if that makes sense.

Some people think that people don’t need milk after birth, no other animal does, except us humans. I wanted to see if the loogies will stop after I stop eating CC. I already drink no milk at all but I pound a cup of CC every night.

milk is for babies.

im here…havent had time to post as much lately, but im always browsin’ around.

C.C. has been good to me as a protein source.

Recently, though, one of the guests being interviewed on the site a while ago stated that:

C.C. should be avoided because it severely increases insulin (ie makes you fat)???

Is this person wrong or right?

Me am confused.

Sorry for the additional tangent in this thread.

Why would cottage cheese spike insulin its fairly low in carbs?? Anybody know if this is correct?

Arnold drinks beer.


Ever try Yogurt? I have found that Yogurt does not give me that same feeling, that you described regarding milk.

The PB-Whey combo is good. Just get some lo-carb whey protein and whip it up in the blender and put 2 tbsp of natural peanut butter in there. Sometimes I’ll add my vitamin/mineral/amino powder and some electrolyte mix if I’m feeling I need it. It tastes pretty good and its got good protein and not a lot of carbs.

Greekdawg, a favorite night-time treat of mine is to mix vanilla LC Grow with instant, sugar-free pudding. There’s chocolate, vanilla, pistachio or butterscotch.

Mix & refrigerate. It’s more of a P+C meal, though. Not that much in the way of carbs, but just enough to make it P+C.

has everyone forgoten about real food.
dead cooked animals, steak, chicken even tinned tuna is you are feeling lazy. i usually add flax oil to the tuna if i go for this option (or canned salmon, but thats gross)

Eggs are my favorite bed-time meal.

On some nights I use Simply Egg whites only with California Mix Veggies (just protein and fiberous veggies) and on others I Use Omega Pro Eggs with flax oil (a great protein and omega-3 load).

I use milk protein isolate. It has the benefits of whey and casein. Oh, it’s dairy though.

Uh, chicken, beef jerky, eye of round?

There is a new low carb milk product at Walmart that is excellent. I love the chocolate milk version. I eat moderate fat, high protein, low to moderate carb, so it fits in well with my diet.