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Cottage Cheese & Stomach Problems


Everytime that I eat cottage cheese I get a bit of an upset stomach. Sometimes it is accompanied by some loose bowel movements and stomach pains, other times it is a bit mild with just a little stomach pains (like today). Both situations only last about an hour.

On the other hand, I can eat cheeses and yogurt with no adverse affects, so I am not sure if it is dairy related or not.

Any comments as to why this would be happening to me??



I'm borderline lactose intolerant too: I can't drink milk, but cheese is ok. I have found it is influenced by a few things:

1) I do better with lower fat cottage cheese
2) Different brands affect me differently too (local dairy vs Breakstone's)
3) Quantity consumed in a day (2xday max for me)

Try messing with any or all of these factors. If that fails, perhaps you need to consider probiotics. All said, I have zero medical background, so don't rely on my advice.


Thanks for the input. I will try some changes to see if I can build a tolerance up.

  1. The cottage cheese that I am eating is no fat.

  2. The one that I am eating is Breakstone's. I will try another's brand.

  3. I will have to drop the searving down to 1/4 cup.



This (as a food scientist rather than a nutritionist) sounds like bacteria in the cheese you are eating. How long does the ill effects take after eating and where are you storing the cheese, is it getting warmer than 3-5 degs Centrigrade for any amount of time ? Like travelling from chop in a car ?


You are mostl likely lactose intolerant. Try taking a lactaid bill (which is just the lactase enzyme to help you digest the lactose in dairy) when you eat the cottage cheese. If that helps then there is your problem :slight_smile:


Or just don't eat dairy. There's other food in this here world, I'm told.


This was my first thought. You may also want to check the dates on your stuff. Make sure the cottage cheese isn't too old. If this isn't the problem, try Lactaid.


The ill effects take about 10 minutes to surface.

I store the cheese in the refrigerator here at work.

Well, um, yeah. It takes me 2 hours to get to work. I just carry it in my back-pack.



Really? I did not notice this.



Thanks for the input. I will try it.



Ding Ding Ding!! We have a winner!

What happens at home when you eat cottage cheese right out of the refrigerator vs. at work? Either stop eating it at work, or get a lunch bag/box with an ice pack in it.


I am going to try some tonight and see what happens. I will post my results tomorrow. Thanks all for the input!



It's not normal to feel the affects of food poisoning organisms so quickly.
Food poisoning bacteria take quite a long time to reproduce inside the human gut and some people are more resistant than others so it may be some time before there are enough to cause illness.


Some food poisoning symptoms can appear more quickly. This is usually caused by the poison or toxin which some bacteria make. If there is a lot of this in the food when eaten the stomach is likely to react quite quickly by vomiting to try to remove the poison. This can happen within a few hours of eating the affected food.

In cottage cheese, and I doubt its this because you would be extremely ill, listeria monocytogenes is sometimes found.

Listeria monocytogenes can survive adverse conditions. It can grow in a pH range of 5.0-9.5 in things like cottage cheese.

The organism will survive the pH 5 environment of cottage cheese and it is salt tollerant.


I had a 1/4 cup of cottage cheese last night with some Metabolic Drive, peanut butter and flax seed. No problems.

So I changed two variables...

  1. Home refrigerated cottage cheese.
  2. Smaller quantity.

I will continue with 1/4 cup for some time and then try larger amounts later on.

Thanks all for the input.



I had to stop eating cottage cheese out of respect for my fellow human beings in close vicinity-within hours of ingesing any amount of cc I turn into a living methane factory


Dude you're lactose intolerant. Get lactase, the enzyme to digest lactose, take it with your cottage cheese and you'll be fine. End of story.


The reason the above worked is:

1) THere is very little lactose (carbs) in 1/4 cup of cottage cheese.
2) You ate the cottage cheese with extra protein and a lot of fat. This drastically slows down the digestion of the cottage cheese allowing the little lactase enzymes you do have to do its job.

You can continue to eat a little cottage cheese with a lot of fat OR get the lactase enzyme and eat all the cottage cheese you want (you just may need more enzymes with very large portions).


No, no. It's definitely the lactose.