Cottage Cheese - Salt Content

i love CC and try to buy it in bulk. the only brand of CC offered at costco has added salt, as do most commercial CC. is this a concern? should i try to find and stick to non-salted cc or should i continue having the regular salted kind?

Unless you have a history of HIGH BP then sodium is not bad and is a much needed electrolyte


I agree with Phil gain. Assuming a sound overall diet sodium in anything like sane amounts is fine and actually essential.

Yeah, ditto, some “foods” have been given a bad name in the eyes of the general public, when in reality they are just fine as part of a nutritious diet.

It’s people who have health issues or extreme eating habits that have to worry about particular foods and nutrients.

Considering that at one point I was eating massive amounts of cottage cheese, and had exceeded what would be considered by most the limit of ‘‘T-Nation normal’’ sodium intake, I figured I should cut back.

I have been rinsing my cottage cheese so I do lose some protein but a large amount of salt goes with it and then it doesn’t the creamy salty taste and actually doesn’t taste anything at all and can be eating rapidely…and I can fit 2 rinced 500g in one box, so its good for transport.