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Cottage Cheese Revisited

My question to you, fellow T-Maggers, is a simple one. What concoctions have you devised to facilitate the consumption of Cottage Cheese, aside from the obvious methods of mixing in protein powder, diced up fruit, yogurt, etc. Many of my own experiences have backfired horrifically. The time I attempted fat-free chocolate sauce in CC, I nearly lost a limb…

I use cottage cheese as a substitute for sour cream - you can put in just about any meat dish - with some non- fat salsa. makes for a tasty treat. Can also be used as a dip for various finger foods

When using protein powder, did you use a blender? That works great and is very tasty. Most who don’t like CC hate the texture of it (as do I), so you gotta blend out those clumps. Also, low fat as opposed to fat free cottage cheese doesn’t have a bitter taste and the fat is only a couple of grams. Checkout some of the recipes in the T-mag aticle “Shake it up” if you haven’t already.

Fat free chocolate sauce? Man, why would you add pure sugar to such a perfect bodybuilding food?

Best recipe ever is chocolate Grow!, low fat CC, and a little natural peanut butter. Blend it thick with ice and not much water. Pure dessert. I think that recipe is in the article mentioned above. Good stuff!

Cottage cheese mixed with oatmeal and chocolate grow. Also banana cream pie flavored yogurt mixed with cottage cheese is great too.

Here’s a concoction that tastes amazingly good. This would be a protein + fat meal:

In a blender add: 20 oz water, 2 cups 2% cottage cheese, 2 tablespoons flax oil, 1/2 teaspoon almond extract. Blend thoroughly until smooth. Then add 2 scoops Biotest Advanced protein/Low carb Grow (your choice of flavor) and enough water to make 32 oz. Pulse the blender until just mixed to avoid whipping too much air into it. Makes 2, 16oz servings, and stores well in the 'fridge. I like the chocolate version. It tastes just like cake batter! I imagine you could make it thicker for pudding. Enjoy!

Here’s a really simple one: add splenda and raisins. The sweetness of the splenda takes the edge off of the cottage cheese, and the raisins give it a little extra oomf.

Cottage cheese, a little water (enough to loosen it up some), vanilla extract and splenda. Blend. Yummy.

Anyone know if they make low sodium cottage cheese? Most brands seem to have a lot of sodium.

Place in in a high power mixer with an seeded apple and some cinnamon.

No idea why Cottage Cheese gets such a bad rap…I love the taste! With Chocolate grow it’s even better!

Now if only I could mask the flavor of Flaxseed Oil…

I know that there is cottage cheese that has “no salt added.” I like to put that kind in my fruit blends.

The shakes that i make are 1-2 scoops of choclate grow, 1 pound of cottage cheese, some ice, some milk or water, and a bannana. the other is 1-2 scoops of vanila grow, 1 pound of cottage cheese, frozen strawberries, orange jucie and a bannana.

Where can I get natural peanut butter?

How to mask the flavor of flax oil, you ask?
Take TEK’s recipe of chocolate Grow, cottage cheese, and natural peanut butter - the peanut butter I think does the best job masking flax that I’ve ever found. Also make sure your flax oil is fresh, starts to taste really nasty when it gets old. Try different brands too - I thought Barlean’s tasted awful, had to choke it down, whereas Spectrum has virtually no taste when first opened.

I usually just add a packet of Equal to it – it tastes fine.

To the person with the natural peanut butter question, you can buy it at almost any grocery store. I buy Kroger store brand natural peanut butter, but there are many choices out there.

Here’s my advice; Buy a good, low carb, high fiber bread (my kind has 17 grams of carbs, 9 of which are fiber). Toast the bread, and put the cottage cheese on as sort of a ‘spread.’ It isn’t half bad. (If you close your eyes)