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Cottage Cheese problem

I have been eating a lot of cottage cheese lately…been mixing it with either fat free sugar free jello or yogurt. I have been getting horrible gas. I mean horrible. I thought maybe I was lactose intolerant but yesterday I took a lactase product from GNC with it, and it did absolutely nothing. I really don’t know what to do…I don’t think I’d be able to reach my protein intake w/o cottage cheese. Any suggestions??


LOL…I used to have this same problem. You’ve got to vary your protein sources more. I used to get the worst gas from cottage cheese, but it went away when I started to eat a better variety of protien sources. Also, I started drinking Whey protien shakes instead of MetRx (which seemed to contribute to the gas) and this helped also.

Give it up! I had the same problem and no matter what i did i was a most unpleasent person to be around. Take a protein shake instead.

Cottage cheese and yogurt don’t affect me, but for some reason, when I drink milk, I get some hella gas! Not sure what you can do besides varying your protein sources and maybe only eating 16ozs of it a day.

I got this tip on another message board and figured I would give it a try since the sup is so cheap. So far it has been working well for me. Anyway on to the tip:
Take Ginger Root pills w/ high protein meals. It has done good for me. I dont know why or how it works but for me it has deffinatley helped me out.

I think it may be the high casein content. I have similar problems with cottage cheese and casein protein powders. Although, casein is an excellent source of protein many people just can not handle it.

Good cottage cheese doesnt have lactose in it (well not much, it generally resides with the whey fraction) and yoghurt is generally predigested by the culture. Therefore there is little to no lactose. When you drink milk, there is lots.
whats in hte fat free sugar jello, cos something in there could be the culprit, but also a slight infection of hte upper bowel could be the cause, with some protein not getting broken down before its fermented by the bugs???

cycomiko, i think you are right…it might be the jello…as an experiment i drank a half a gallon of skim milk this morning, and i had no problems, so i’m not lactose intolerant…i’m going to give it a go with live cultured yogurt and see what happens

I’ve also used casein powders before with no problem.