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Cottage Cheese or Greek Yogurt?


Is the protein in fat free Greek yogurt as slow digesting as that of cottage cheese? Or do the enzymes in the yogurt break down the protein so it's easier to digest - and is therefore a faster protein? Or are the proteins more or less of equal quality in this respect? ~katz


Not sure...but I do know that Greek Yougurt such as Fage..pronounced "Fayeh"...(the brand they carry at my local store) has a similar nutritional profile...

maybe mix it with some Metabolic Drive or....eat it with some nuts/ nut butter...to slow the digestion

im guessing you are considering it as a pre bed meal???


I am pretty sure yoghurt in general is more the same as milk (80/20 casein) where as Cottage cheese is mainly casien curds with the whey removed.

So should be a solid choice either way, not as solid as cottage cheese but not worth sweating, If I am in fact correct



I don't know the answer, sorry. But I do know that Greek yogurt (Fage) mixed with Metabolic Drive is freakin' awesome!