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cottage cheese hopeful


ok from reading through the post I have found on cassein, it seems that I don't really need to buy a power all I need is to eat some cottage cheese. Is this correct?

If so my new before bedtime meal will become:

one serving fat free cottage cheese = 80cal-0fat-5carbs-15pro
halfscoop whey protien power =60cal-1fat-10pro
one serving pb = 190cal-16fat-7carbs-8pro
this should be enough to end off my days.
questions/comments/anything else i missed
and thanks


That sounds great. The Whey will be absorbed much more rapidly compared to the cottage cheese/pb which will keep digesting and breaking down throughout the night. Sounds like a good plan against catabolism. I've been doing the cottage cheese thing pre-bed for a while and it has made a big difference, especially in recover. Good luck.



Cottage cheese contains whey too. I mix it with Low Carb Grow for a before-bed snack.


I eat a similar concoction every night before bedtime too, except I use LC Grow instead of whey for extra casein. I use only half the amount of PB you mention, since I have to watch the calories.

You don't mention if you're trying to bulk, maintain or lose fat, or what you're eating the rest of the day. Depending on those two factors, you might want to think about adjusting the quantities of the ingredients.


I actually think your mix sounds pretty good. It will give you some of the prolonged atni catabolic effect you are looking for.

A couple suggestions I could add to slow the digestion even further would be to add some fiber to the mix.

You could replace some of the PB with flax meal. You will not only get fiber to slow the digestion, but also some omega 3's. Flax meal also has a nutty flavor that will not detract from the flavor of your mix.

Another way that you could add the fiber and not change your mix at all would be to add either xantham or guar gum to it. These are both pure fiber and will slow down the digestion, as well as filling your belly a little more. Make sure to take down some water with these though.

Also many times you can get a powder that is much more cost effective than the fat free cottage cheese. While I do eat like my cottage cheese, the powders usually work out to be cheaper in the long run.

Last thing I figured I would throw up for you to chew on is from a study on the amounts of casein needed for the long term effect.

Hope I helped


Phill, how does fiber slow the absorbtion down? Do you have a reference?

Also the fat free cottage cheese tends to cause higher insulin level. I use the regular cottage cheese and would cut down some of the PB.

Good luck.



I dont have time right as of this moment to find a source for the fiber ?. I will look for one when I have a chance. It is much the same as the fiber in veggies/fruit slowing the insulin respones from the carbs that they contain.

As far as the the higher insulin response from the fat free cottage cheese. That is do to the lack of fats. So he by adding peanutbutter is getting much of the same result, only replacing the milk fat, with the fats in the peanut butter.

This can be good for several reasons.

-By getting the fat free cottage cheese, it is more versitile to go with the P+C, P+F meal combos many of us follow. No need to purchase two different kinds.

-You are better able to control what type of fats you are consuming. Many of us have no problem getting the sat. fat levels we desire due to the high protein diets. So with the fat free version you can pick and choose which type of fats you are getting by what you have along with it.

-The last thing off the top of my head is the protein content. The protien in the fat free cottage cheese is ~17g per 100g serving, while the regular version is ~ 12g for the same serving. So while yes, you are paying a bit more, you are getting more of the protein you are looking for.

Just a few things to ponder. When I get a chance I will look for some writing on the fiber.

Hope that helped


Hey everyone thanks for all of the info. I was pretty sure it was a good mix with three diffrent types of protiens I figured they would all digest at diffrent rates. Also like phil said I eat enough saturated fats throughout the day while I try to eat 250-300 grams a day of protien. I am currently at 165lbs 10%bf trying to gain some lbm while dropping off some fat.
I am doing pretty good but, I would also like to start powerlifting. Deads, bench press, and squats are already three of the lifts I like to do as it is so I figure why not build a training regimen around them.I have already tried searching using the browser on this site but haven't found the right workouts as of yet. So if anyone could point me in the direction of some good articles or tell me their own workouts for these it would be much apreciated.


well, the next big three program by chad waterbury has squats, bench and power cleans. I am sure with a little tweaking you could change it to add deadlifts fairly easily.


Any comment on galactose here? Since I am dieting Ihave been warned off most dairy products due to the way the sugars in milk/milk products break down.

Is this something to consider here?


Thanks ren I will check that one out. One more question I forgot is about ZMA. I work the midnight shift at UPS and needed something to help me get to sleep zma sups have helped with this in the past. I just ordered Kaizen ZMA PM capsules and I was wondering if I drank those down right when I left work and then about 30min later at my cottage cheese does anyone think this would lesson the effects?



This subject seems to be one of those very individual ones, as with most others pertaining to diet.

I have heard of many ppl on both sides of this. Some who hit a wall until they totally cut out dairy and some that it doesnt bother.

I personally never have had to cut dairy out totally. But I limit my consumption of dairy all the time as is. Usaully only fat free cheese, ff cottage gheese and ff cream cheese.

Galactose is said to be preferentially stored in fat/liver and not muscle tissue. ???

So I would say if you hit a wall in your weight loss it is worth a try to cut the dairy out to see if it helps.