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Cottage Cheese: Favorite Brand??

what’s your favorite brand??

Mine is Knudsen low-fat.

MMM tasty!

HAHA, I agree…I think cottage cheese all taste the same. I tend to get the “generic” store brand (Price Chopper)…only $1.39 for one container. When I do my weekly grocery shopping on Sunday morning…I get 7 containers for each day of the week. I get some “looks” when I go through the checkout counter cause I’ll have like 7 containers of cottage cheese, 7 cartons of eggs, a few packages of chicken breast and ground turkey, 4-5 bags of frozen veggies, oatmeal and a bunch of other “healthy” foods. I feel like the author who wrote, 'You Are An Abnormal Eater" over on JB’s website. Its pretty amusing to have some fat slob with all this shit in his/her shopping cart watch me buy my groceries.

The are definintely not all the same. Some cottage cheese is downright disgusting. And some cottage cheese I enjoy eating.

I live in a fraternity and so we get bulk foods, so I doubt any of you will be able to find this brand. But I really enjoy Balford Farms Cottage Cheese. Another bonus is it is a 5lb container.

I’ve had some that tasted horrible! Light and Lively and some others (generic brands) are not the same.

I stick with Breakstone’s. It’s damn tasty, and I can buy 3lb containers from Sam’s Club for about $4 each.

I usually buy 4-5 at a time. I’m good to go for about two weeks. Mmmmm…cottage cheese.

I like Knudson’s and Breakstones. Breakstone’s available in E Coast, while Knudson’s is W. Coast thing (and Mt - Colorado area is where I also spotted them)


Nonfat Ralphs (generic) over Knudsons any day