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Cottage Cheese Elevates Sugar Levels


"Cottage cheese is one cheese that'll actually elevate sugar and insulin levels. I'd recommend organic, high fat (the highest you could find) cottage cheese."

Can someone back this things up with studies, since I had some huge problems with getting lean while eating larger quantities of cottage cheese.
However when was eating mainly meat and fish with low carb I had no problems with dropping fat.
For the couple of past years cottage cheese became important part of my diet. Casein protein in cottage cheese was useful and I gained a lot of lean muscle...

But! I havent had great results like without it, so I started to doubt that cheese or/and dairy severly affected my diet. Since it was easier for me not to prepare meals I shifted towards cottage cheese.
Bodyfat in stomach area never got truly lean like in the year 2004-2005 and even gained fat staying lean in chest and arms area.
Cortizol from allergy?




I eat a cup of cottage cheese with cinnimon and stevia every day. Great source of protein, low carbs, low fat, low calories... unless you have an issue with dairy, I don't see any problem (unless the texture just makes you go "ick!")



and the fact that cottage cheese elevates insulin levels is relevant to what, exactly?

whey protein does the same thing, I guess we should stop drinking that too huh?


The qoute is from this site article The Serano Show by PhD Serano, nutritionist. This issue or similar was debated in Dairy dilema.

Well, insulin inhibits enzyme necessery for fatloss (fatty acid release into bloodstream) so released insulin = no fatloss.

Anyhow I will drop completely dairy products suspecting that it is food allergy due to high c.cheese intake , up to plus 50 ounces per day , huh.

Just thought to see if someone had similar problems.


of course it elevates insulin levels...because EATING elevates insulin levels.

but guess what? when that insulin goes back down (and it will because you're on a diet) the body will resume burning fat.

oh, and removing protein is about the stupidest thing you can do on a diet. Protein inhibits lean tissue loss.


The main reasoning behind any low fat approach is to keep insulin levels low enough to promote fat loss.

Yes, true that when someone resumes dieting insulin goes back low however provoking insulin release via eating too much of that something will hinder fat loss.

Insulin forces fat cells to take in blood lipids which are converted to triglycerides and lack of insulin is usefull becaouse it causes the reverse process, it also leads to decreased lipolysis ? forces reduction in conversion of fat cell lipid stores into blood fatty acids and therefor lack of insulin causes the reverse.

It is not about removing but replacing with other protein sources.
Still there is a cortizol concern, and some authors like Poliquin noted the significance of protein source rotation in order to avoid allergy to certain food.


Serious question: do you proofread your posts before you submit them? because that made absolutly no sense to me whatsoever.

First off, I'm going to assume you mea the reasoning behind any low CARB approach is to keep insulin levels low to promote fat loss.

But let me ask you this...did you know that fat can be stored even in the COMPLETE ABSENCE of insulin? it's true. Eating a high fat, hypercaloric diet WILL make you fat, even with zero carbs.

Secondly, protein (no matter the source) is insulinogenic, but a high protein diet is great for sparing muscle on low calories.

Q: "but if protein stimulates the release of insulin, won't it make me fat?"

A: NO, because no matter what, you cannot gain fat on a hypocaloric diet. Any time calories are reduced below maintenance, insulin will be lower, and fat will be mobilized and burned off.

And regarding the cortisol thing, Poliquin is dead wrong, cortisol is not implicated in subcutaneous fat storage (visceral fat, on the other hand, is).


Blah, these are all well known facts, apart cortisol and visceral fat relation (probably true due to anti-inflamatory properties).


I have read it after it was published and it came to my mind recently. Also some bodybuilding competitors from my country claimed the same as the author. So did Poliquin in his "Principles", so did CT...
Ultimately it all comes to allergies to certain types of proteins.


bullshit, if you had a milk allergy you would know it. why? because you would go into anaphylactic shock. My friend's sister0in-law has a true milk allergy and cannot drink it or she gets really sick. Think skin rashes (i.e. hives), vomiting, diarrhea, constipation etc.

not excess belly fat