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Cottage Cheese & Deli Meats-Good/Bad?

I like cottage cheese. Seems to be pretty nutritional, reading the label. Anyone differ on this? I seem to have gotten a sense that some people think it’s not such a good idea. Good or bad? Why??

What about deli meats? I’ve gotten an impression those are frowned on too? Why? Can it really be any worse that regular chicken or steak? I’m talking turkey [excuse the pun], the good stuff, not the recycled bologna parts. Good or bad? Why??


isn’t cottage cheese high in lactose (simple carb) ? lactose intolerance and common dairy food sensitivities come to mind as potential issues

as for deli meats they have an absurd amount of salt/sodium in them especially the packaged ones, eg. a slice of “maple leaf” ham has 100 calories but 1100 mg of sodium !?

It depends on what kind of diet you have.

If you’re on the AD then cottage cheese isn’t the best choice

If you’re on a normal diet, then cottage cheese is good

deli meats, lottsa sodium but decent overall

I’m pretty active, and not just in the gym. I have to eat a lot or I run out of energy and just don’t feel like doing things like lifting. I just want to sleep. My bike is my primary means of transport these days, so that has a lot to do with it. I seem to lose fat at a very moderate, but sustainable rate now.

Seem to have found a balance. Most people seem to do one or the other cardio, or lifting, or just gym stuff but not me. Biking is part of my life and I have to fuel my body or I run out of steam. I’m trying the HOT-ROX to see if I can speed things up a little in the fat burning zone.

Thanks for the quick tips. That’s what I thought, but I’ve spent a lot of time wondering.

cottage cheese
ground flax seed

my dessert of choice.