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Cottage Cheese and Insulin

I did a general search on this topic, and there doesn’t seem to be a clear consensus on whether cottage cheese, as a form of dairy, elicits a high insulin response (and so should be avoided before bed), or is different in some way and elicits a low insulin response.

I don’t necessarily want to initiate a debate on this subject; I think it would end up rehashing the two sides with no clear victor.

What I AM interested in is finding out if anyone cut out milk/cottage cheese as a component of their last meal and noticed any difference in body composition.

Cottage cheese is used before bed because of the slower absorption rate. And it works. So although it does have enough lactose sugar it doesn’t create a spike you should worry about.

As far as bodycomp changes… Some people have trouble assimilating processed dairy and they may have skin or stomach issues. But body composition would be a more extreme and rare case.