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cottage cheese and diets

Once and for all, does anyone eat cottage cheese while dieting? I’ve been on the T-dawg diet for several weeks and I’m seeing good gains, and I thought I read some where that one should eliminate all dairy while dieting. Please provide your inputs.

I eat a cottage cheese-jello combo that I read on one of the other threads about recipes as my pre-bedtime meal. It’s fantastic!

I am currently on the Fat Fast diet. I eat a 1-2 cups a day, spread out of course. I mix it with ice, whey, and peanut butter for a shake in the eve and sometimes for breakfast. I am still dropping fat and making great progress.

I think dairy tends to be a more individual thing. I think cottage cheese can be a viable component of any cutting program, you just have to use it correctly, like everything else.

I think the whole “dairy gives you thick skin” is one of the age-old myths.

I personally have never seen anyone have trouble with it, unless it’s getting it down.

If you like it, add it to your diet and don’t worry about it.

I think cottage cheese is fine to eat. It has a great amino acid profile. If you are worried about the fat grams, you can always purchase large curd, non-fat CC and wash the curds before eating.

The lactose in the cottage cheese will cause some to have a slight allergic reaction thus the thick skin idea. Its not a myth some of us do get a water under the skin from lactose and its a minor minor allergy that you would never even know you had unless you were a bodybuilder/weight enthusiast. What you can do is get a strainer and wash the cream away. What you are left with in theory is a very rich source of amino acid/hydrosolate type protein. Most of the lactose is in the cream. Sounds like a pain but if you buy a big strainer and do this to the whole container at one time, then its easy becuase each time you serve its done. Later,

Are there any lactose free (eg lactaid) cottage cheeses available?

on the reccomendation of someone on this board i cut out dairy products and it’s been just over a week and i feel alot better
i can even breath better too which is wierd