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Cottage Cheese and Berardi


I just read Beradi's Lean Eatin' and I am left with a few questions. He suggest eating low-fat dairy products amd foods thare are low on the GI index. He also advocates eating low-fat protein late at night. As a rule of thumb, aren't low-fat dairy products higher on the GI index? And more specificaly, isn't regular cottage cheese lower on the GI index than fat-free or low-fat? I always believed eating regular cottagew cheese before bed was a good idea, but the violates bot his low-fat protein before bed and eat only low-fat dairy. Should I switch to the higher carb, fat-free cottage cheese before bed and throughout the day?


They probably are a little higher on the GI side since the dariy products usually contain simple sugars. However, the protein should help mitigate an insulin spike.

Have you ever tried mixing boiling water with protein powder? It's very good. It beats drinking shakes.


Hey for one thing the fat free cottage cheese I get is no higher in carbs than regular. The other thing you are missing is that JB is simply replacing the fat from the cottage cheese with other fats like natty peanut butter, flax, or something of the sort. So this will have the same effect as the regular only swapping the types of fats in your favor.

Now I am not saying sat. fat is bad, it is actually greatly needed. But with the meat amounts most of us comsume we get enough throughout the day so this is a good time to get your omegas in.

Also if you are doing the whole P+C, P+F deal then it is just much more sensible to get fat free cottage cheese. Then you can use it in either combination.

Hope some of that babbling helps.


boiling water?- what does that do?


Ok I gotta disagree here. First off the protein will not lower the insulin response, and may actually make it higher if no fat/fiber is present. Protein by itself actually causes an insulin response.

Second it is a bad idea to add you protein pwdr to boiling anything. You will degrade it and destroy some hard earned cash. This is why if you are adding it to things such as cooked oatmeal, etc. you should let it cool or add an ice cube or 2 befor adding the protein pwdr.

Just my 2 cc.


The reason cottage cheese has a lower GI than FF CC is not due to the amount of carbs, it's due to the presence of fat. Fat-> lower GI in most cases.


So fat-free cottage cheese throught the day is OK. What about right before bed? What would recommend as a last meal of the night- chicken? I read some where on this site that cottage cheese was good to eat before bed because of the slow absorbing protein (casein).


what if i were to mix a Tsb. of olive oil into my fat-free cottage cheese before bed. But that still goes against the articles suggestion to have a low-fat, high protein meal before bed??????


Why would you want to eat low fat before bed?


yes for sure ff cottage cheese and some type of fat source is great befor bed. Be it olive oil, get extra virgin, natty peanut butter, flax meal, flax oil. Some type of fat it will lower the GI, give you the fat you need and furthe slow digestion.

Or yes chicken woulb be great also. Just something slow, think whole food. The reasoning for cottage cheese is the high amounts of casein. But meat is slow also.


fat free cottage cheese tastes like ass. I'll stick to my 2%