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costume party ideas

I have a costume party coming up, and I am looking for original ideas for couples. Since the people on this forum are the smartest people I come in contact with, I thought I would ask for your advice.

Batman and Cat woman?

Dare Devil and Elektra?

Lord Fauntleroy and a Nun?

Louis XIV and Anne Boelin?

Mark Anthony and Cleopatra?

The possibilities are endless.

Here are some Suggestions

-The Termanator and his nemesis in T3

-Wolverine and Gene Gray

-Cameron Diaz and Daniel Day Lewis from Gangs of New York.

-Elvis and a Hula Girl

-Elvis and a Hilbilly girl

-Elvis and a Vegas Showgirl

-Elvis and a Girl in a poodleskirt

-Sinatra and a Vegas Showgirl

-Sonny and Cher

-Neo and Trinity

-Bill and Hillary

-Tammy Faye and Jim Baker

-Captain and Teneal

-Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood

-Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciapara

-Anthony and Cleopatra

-Chuck Yeager and Glamorous Glennis

-my all time favorite that I actually did for a party with a now Ex girlfriend, the best costume combo ever…

-Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace

It’s easy enough to put together and you’ll be most popular couple in the joint.


We went to a Halloween party last year with a theme of “Pimps and Ho’s”

Was pretty fun.

Hehe, just thinking of “Cagney and Lacey” (80’s TV show for you that are too young to remember). I’ve seen a couple dressed up as TV dinners (He: salisbury steak; she: turkey).

There’s also: Laurel and Hardy (who says you have to be man/woman?); Bonnie and Clyde…oh, what else?

Best couple I ever saw was a girl in a bloody white dress and a guy in suit who had a car radio cut out and attatched to his forehead with blood running down his face: Princess Di and Dodi. Priceless.

Doogie – tasteless and cold is what I’d call it.


My girlfriend wore a nun’s habit and a skeleton mask that same halloween: Mother Teresa. It’s Halloween. Lighten up.

Thanks for your ideas.Please keep them coming, and remember tasteless is not a problem.

If tasteless isn’t a problem… a catholic priest and a little boy.

Tasteless isn’t a problem, but I’m not sure she will dress up like a little boy.

About the Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciparra thing…

I didn’t even know they were together and then I searched fo it and sure enough they were engaged in December of last year. The article I read said that they met at a charity event in 1998. I thought they both had bee training with Mark Vestergen(sp?) for a while.


NM, I found the answer. Nomar brought Mia to Mark.


Funniest costume I have ever seen !!

She can be Lara Croft, and you can be, um, …who cares.

She could be a tiger and you could be a bloodied up Roy.