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Does anybody have any info on Costomato. I can’t seem to find anything pertinent on the net about his tactics and philosophies.

For those who are unaware: Costomato was a trainer/coach/tactician of The Sweet Science of boxing. This guy was the Sun Tzu of the pugilists.

He is best known as Mike Tyson’s trainer. Muhammed Ali also consulted with him before he fought Formeman in one of the best fights of all time, The Rumble In The Jungle.

Any information on Costomato would be appreciated, books, articles, film etc.

His name is “Cus D’Amato”.

Try searching for Cus D’Amato, you may have more luck…

LOL. you say Costomato, I say tomato


[quote]JH wrote:
His name is “Cus D’Amato”.[/quote]


You’ll find everything you need to know right here: