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This past weekend I was moving some light boxes in my basement when suddenly I received a sharp pain and tightening of my midsection until it was hard to talk or breathe. Any movement that involves my core muscles is killing me.

The doctor has diagnosed this problem as costocondritis which is an inflammatory process of the costochondral or costosternal joints that causes localized pain and tenderness. Basically, I am stuck on anti-inflamatories and I cannot lift anything, in fact, I can hardly wipe my own ass.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Any stories to share? I would really appreciate hearing some.

Hey man. I had costchonditis about two years ago. Probably from doing a lot of weighted dips. I had to take about 10 days out of the gym and lay off the dips for awhile. But the good news is that the problem does fix itself in time. It sucks while you have it though, huh? I actually posted a thread named “costochondritis” at the time, although I don’t think it will really have any helpful tips for you. Occasionally I’ll have a recurrence if I am doing a lot of heavy chest work, but it hasn’t hampered me a lot since my initial flare up. Good luck. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

RL - thanks for the reply, just as you said, i have been doing a lot of dips and chest work overall. there could be a connection. on the websites i researched they all more or less state that the cause is largely unknown.

Anyways, good to hear you made a full recovery, it helps me see things more positively.