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A recent thread regarding weird chest pains convinced me to go to my doctor. Much to my relief, he said I did not have a cracked rib, but costochondritis. He told me to avoid the gym and contact sports for a while. Anybody ever have this? Did you train through it, take a week off, or what? Any tips? How fast did it go away? If anybody wants to know more about the symptoms, I am happy to share. Thanks.

I had it,

Sucks huh, hurts to inhale deeply ect…
I didn’t train for a week, took a regimen of anti-inflamitorys, rested, layed off ephedra and nicotine (Kodiak) and practiced deep breathing. Went away after 10 days or so.

Did your doctor say it might be from stress? Did you have an elevated BP?

I had both of the aforementioned when my symptoms began…

Don’t worry about it too much, just lay off for a bit and it should come around. Take care.


Yeah it sucks. But I just had one coworker commit suicide and another find out she has MS, so it is easy to keep everything in perspective. I don’t know if my blood pressure was up, but between lifting, work and lacrosse I have been burning the candle at both ends recently. Thanks for the reply. For me, good posture hurts. The pain lessens when I let my shoulders roll forward and slouch a bit. Should I practice my posture and breathing, as you said, or just slouch until the condition clears up?

Hey, there, Rocket. Maybe you can use your layoff to get some body work done. I went through any number of massage therapists before I found a girl that does myofacial release technique that REALLY knew what the heck she was doing (14 years experience). My posture is unbelievably different – in a good way. Also, I believe Leahy of ART fame is out your way. T’would be worth the drive and any price to be treated by that guy.

Stay grounded. You’ve got a great attitude!