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Costa's snake oil

Wonder if anyone else received the latest from Leo Costa. It touts “the biggest bodybuilding breakthrough in your lifetime”. Some stuff called Fortis Plus, which is supposedly derived from a female pheromone released by women during pre-ovulation, that “instantly shakes up a man’s hormone system”. It is supposed to trigger a sudden testosterone spike of 250% normal levels for 30 minutes. Costa claims this allows you to spike your T levels specifically for workouts. And you can get this new miracle supplement for the low low price of $122 a bottle, if you take part in Costa’s “market test”. What is this Fortis Plus crap? Hasn’t this guy heard of Androsol? Bill Roberts or any T-mag staffers know anything about this? I’m assuming it’s worthless…

Yes I too have received that letter from good old Leo. I should just throw them away as soon as I see who it is from, but it is very entertaing to read his letters and about all his “breakthroughs”. I have to laugh sometimes. The sad thing is that if he is still selling “miracle products”, that means people must still be buying them.

10 points for creativity . .

If a guy elevates his T level 250% for 30 minutes, the only likely muscle growth he’ll see will be between his legs.

Even if this did work, why would you want a testosterone spike for 30 min. Muscle growth depends on sustained levels of high testosterone.

Over the years I’ve received so much bullshit in the mail by Costa. Anything from him I just quickly throw away.

I am not sure if I buy this one either. however, costa did bring several products to the marketplace before they become popular such as tribestan, colostrum, Suma (20-ecd).

I had mentioned awhile ago about a study in Switzerland that found a 50% increase in T levels when a fatty acid was secreted by women near ovalation. That’s was a 50% increase by saliva test… they likely drooled away the other 200%.