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After reading massive eating, especially JB’s requirement of 5000 calories per day. How much does it cost each month for you guys between food and supplements ?

Too damn much! I spend more than $100 a month just on Grow (three boxes a month). Not to mention that I’m at the grocery store every other day buying something. I must spend about $300-$400 on whole food! Damn! That’s a lot of freakin’ money!

Nate Doggie Dogg, wassabie! I heard that…but you know what, rollin’ all that dough out can really be used as a sort of motivation. Hell, if you’re shelling out the benjamins left and right and you know how much you gots to get in ya, ya better get the job done. Makes no sense to tread water and spend all that time and money. But, man, it does put quite a dent in the ol’ pocketbook. But I don’t think I have, nor want, much else to spend it on.

Timbo, I have a cofession to make. I have decided to ease up on the Massive Eating plan. You see, I want to be leaner. And trying to gain weight isn’t going to get me leaner. And there is no point in my gaining much more weight if I’m going to look like a rollie pollie. I’m too short to be gaining much weight. So I’m still doing what JB recommends, but I’m not quite getting in as many calories as I would need on the Massive Eating plan. But my protein is up, and my training is going well. I just started an Androsol cycle (first time), so I’ll see if that can bump up some lean mass while I try to lean out in the next month or two. My diet now is probably more like JB’s Don’t Diet Diet (another one he spoke about at the seminar and will post on T-mag). It’s all good bro! I’ll be looking good soon! And I’m not cutting calories to do it!

i typically spend anywhere from $50-$75 on groceries and $25-$50 on fast food every week. Works about to be around $400/month without supplements so since I use Grow!, ususually 2-3 packets daily, i’m spending $500+ monthly on feeding myself. luckily, my parents pay for most of that. i rue the day where i’ll have to support my eating habits.

Nate Doggie Dawg…no need to confess or feel guilty, baby! I think that’s great: you know what you want, you’ve set up a plan of attack and you’re well on your way to Massive Leanness. Believe me, buddy, I know how tempting it is to be lean. I dread the day that I lose sight of my abs. I know that’s all part of getting massive, but it’s tough. Anyway, thanks for the update, bro. Good luck on getting ripped to shreds and keep me updated. Nate, all in all, it sounds like you’ve got things pretty well taken care and have some real direction and goals set for yourself.

I’m not on the massive eating diet BUT I’m gulping down 4000 cals a day and it’s a costly price to pay especially when those cals are mostly “clean”! Just the cost of MRP’s alone is $100 per month, I don’t even want to know how much I’m spending on all my whole food! A suggested trick though is to add no fat milk to ALL your MRP’s for some high quality cals with a little more protein - this cuts cost a bit. I also suck down some weight gainer shit in the mornings - between 700-1200 cals in the drink, split up over an hour to reduce the glycemic effect.

Hey guys,

Yeah, I spend about $100 on MRP’s every month alone too. I guess that’s the magic number for us, huh? Anyway, I think it’s money well spent in most cases. I mean, at anywhere from $1.50 - $1.90 per shake, it’s still pretty cheap compared to trying to make up whole meals. But between the MRP’s and whole food and rent every month, things do add up quickly!

I think it is a good motivator to make sure you see some progress from your efforts. After all, if you’re dumping that kinda money on something, you sure as hell want it to pay off! I would guess my monthly total at around $400-450 per month, including the shakes. Shit, it takes a lot to feed the machine! Do you guys think that good food is more expensive than junk in the stores, or is that just my perception?

I think good food is much cheaper than junk. I spend about $350 for my groceries, I end up cooking better quality tastier food than the junk one might eat at Mickie D’s or BK. I like to cook, so I am not concerned much about the time. I do it as a hobby. I also spend an extra $250 for a months supply of Grow!, Ribose, and Powerdrive. I have not got into the androsol stuff yet. Maybe in the future.

My bills have gone down significantly since I discovered Protein Factory. I now use Grow! only as an occasional gourmet treat.

Thanks for the compliments and reassurance Timbo! After battling injuries for a while, I wasn’t sure where to begin. And once I went to the Orlando seminar, I realized what I needed to do to get my nutrition and training on track. And now that I’m adding some overall conditioning into my workout, I feel better and should acheive my goals. I finally have it all together. This is probably the first time in my life that I had each component on track! So it’s a good feeling. I know my body well, and I know what I can accomplish and what I should be striving for. It’s all about balance. And hopefully, with JB’s recommendations, I’ll be able to get lean and mean yet stay muscular (as much as my little body can hold!). I’ve decided to give Androsol a try (first time), so we’ll see how that works. Maybe it will help me gain some muscle while I burn a little more fat. I don’t want to be all smooth and nasty feeling with summer around the corner. Besides, I feel better when I’m leaner. Thanks again! :slight_smile: