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Cost You Pay for TRT?


I am curious about how much people are paying out of pocket to be on a TRT program for a year . Seem like drs treat TRT as a luxury treatment and not medically needed . Lots of anti age and wellness clinics don't take insurance . Lots of insurance companies don't cover T replacement products either . I am doing TRT on a budget and luckily found a dr to rx T cyp for home injections , but this seems far from the norm .

FYI my TRT yearly cost is $300 for 3 vials of 2000mg T , $100 for 60 packs of 1.62 androgel . $25 for 200 needles , $100 for copays for 4 visits to dr for blood testing , $275 for year supply of AI natural supplements - Total cost year = $800


Depends on if you are using HCG or not. HCG is the most expensive, and I pay $100/mo for it on average.

Transdermals cost some money. Through insurance, Androgel and Testim should cost the same as they are brand name. My insurance has me paying $30 for brands and $15 for generics. Yours might be different. If insurance does not cover, these brand gels cost north of $400 and there is no generic version for these. Not an option, obviously.

Plus, insurance seems to be cracking down on T... I was on Testim, which worked, until insurance decided to no longer cover Testim, and I had to switch to Androgel, which didn't do diddly squat.

There is a way around that, though. Find a doc who rx's compounded creams of varying strengths. Sticker price is $55/mo, but my pharmacy has a discount if I buy 90 day supply rather than 30 day. With the discount, I pay $40/mo.

Injections are most likely the cheapest option, and I am thinking of going that route.


Wow, those prices sound like a dream, my doc charges $100/month for a compounded gel supplying 100mg per day.


I pay about $25 / week for 210 mg test cyp. AI about $15 every 3 months. I'm not on HCG

So about $1,300-$1,400 per year out of pocket.

Edit - injection therapy / not gel.


Test, 87mg per week $84 per year (2 10ml vials) with Goodrx discount card (it's free, Google it) at Walreens.
HCG, I buy 5 5000iu btls (ovidac brand) from safemedsdotcom for $96 including shipping. actually last me 2 years.
1 btl of bacteriostatic water 30ml mountainside-medicaldotcom $10 w shipping lasts 2 years.
Aromasin (xtane brand) 1 30tablet btls form alldaychemistdotcom $39.96 + 25 shipping
(I usually buy 2 as it doesn't add to the shipping) lasts me 2 yrs.
2 co-pays at URO total $80
Blood Work co-pays $22
300 29g .5 slin pins at Allegro medical dot com + 4boxes alcohol wipes $62 w / shipping.
Only script I have is for Test, none required at the other places.

$458.92 total.
Can subtract 1btl of aromasin, and half the HCG as the amount I buy lasts me 2 years
So, 458.92-39.96-48.25-$370.71 per year.


Sounds like my problem is that I'm not given a script. My doc only sells meds out of his office, even compounded products, so I'm guessing there's a markup. Plus I gotta pay for the cost of a visit.


$10/week for office visit to get 130mg T-Cyp shot.
$5/mth for Anastrazole script.
$55/mth for 5000 iu HCG from compounding pharmacy.
$60/4x year for lab work.



I also got a goodrx.com coupon for Walgreens, to get a 10mL vial of 200mg/mL Testosterone Cyp for $43.51. I use 150mg/week, so it'll only cost $170/year. I've gotten 30mL bottles of 1mg/mL anastrozole from purity-solutions, for ~$30. I don't see it on their website right now, dunno if they sell it anymore. I use about 0.8mg/week, so anastrozole comes out to like $40/year (hopefully I can keep getting it that cheap).


My doctor told me that hCG only had a shelf-life of a couple of months. Do they specify a shelf-life for that brand you use?


I believe that short shelf life is after it has been reconstituted.


46and2 is correct.
It comes freeze dried, and the count down begins once you reconstitute.

I've also heard / read the shelf life is limited once mixed, but I only use HCG to relieve
testicular ache, and to firm the boys up when they start to get a little soft.
When I get to that point I inject 250iu and I seem to need it every 12-17 days.
I cannot give a lab example for the HCG after a few months, but it always does the trick.

I keep it in the refrigerator in a brown lunch bag, the cold and dark seem to help preserve it.


Either $10/month or $10/3 months for my Test, depending on if the doc remembers to write my script as a "monthly supply" (which means I use my one vial for 3 months) or not. That is for 200 mg/week of test.

$10 for 15 weeks worth of Aromasin.

$25 copay for one visit per year

$75 in gas and tolls to visit Philly to see the doc.

So my range is about $180-$260/year.

So yeah, my highest cost is gas.


PKNY or anyone else on Aromasin,
I am thinking of changing from Arimidex to Aromasin. Can you tell me what the dosing should be? My BP was going up on Arimidex and I was getting fluid buildup as well. What would the equivalent be if Arimidex was 1mg a week? Thanks!


Have you gotten bloodwork done to see what's up with the water gain (edema) ?
It's a sign of high E2. If you haven't, I'd start there to see where you are, you may just
need more ADEX.

I've seen the dose guideline all over the place WRT Aromasin, but in general I've seen
25mg per 100mg test. Personally, I take Test Prop, not cyp and I inject every day 12.5mg.
I take 6.25mg Aromasin (1/4 of a pill) every other day. With the small daily doses of test I find
side effects to be minimized and can use less AI.

YMMV, but I've found dosing too much Aromasin has less side effects that
taking too much Adex.

Good Luck.


Is it possible to get Test Prop here? Do you find it has less issues than Test Cyp? Thank you so much for your help. When taking the .1mg compounded Arimidex every day for five days, I just got a lot of fluid on my legs and it was painful, so I got off the TRT completely, which was not helpful. It seems that my issues with libido, ED, etc, have gotten worse since I started TRT.

It has been a long journey and not a pleasant one. I am thankful I have found this board to help. My internist started me on gels and then an injection of Test Cyp once a month. I am now going to a GP who seems to have more knowledge. He put me on .75mg IM once a week and that got my Total Test up to 900, but also increased my E2 to 122. So, that is when he prescribed the Arimidex. I have more energy and feel somewhat better, but still no help in the ED department. I have never been on HCG, so don't know if it would help now or not. Your thoughts? Thanks so much!


Tigger, So we don't HIjack Sir Todd's post,
I am going to post in the thread you started on Armomasin dosing.


I just have Cigna Insurance, and I pay $10 for a generic vial of Testosterone Cypinate, and $10 for generic Anastrazole. Blood tests are usually about $8.50 out of pocket.

If you are on Androgel -- sign up for their discount card online. I used to use that, and it saved me some money. Your doc must have you on a combo of shots and gels?


My first bottle of Axiron was under a free sample card from my doctor. I've filled a subsequent prescription and it was a $75 copay. And now my doctor doubled my dose to 120 mg per day. So, I'm going to go through 2 bottles of Axiron per month. $150 per month once deductible for the year is met.

Looking at 2014, I will be paying cash price of $475 per bottle until our family deductible is met. I expect to pay $950 per month for the first 2 or 3 months of 2014.

Jan: $950
Feb: $950
Mar: $950
April through December: $150 per month

I'm looking at $4200 for Axiron alone in 2014. This seems like the highest price tag, yet, in this thread. I'd rather give myself subcutaneous injections and pay the kind of prices some of you guys are paying.


I really need to be able to find someone to set this up for myself. I am not happy with how much my doctor is charging both me and my insurance company.


Im on my 2nd week of TRT. It cost me $2,000 for 6 months, everything was shipped at once. Test cyp 180 per week. Two HCG injections weekly and Anastrozol .5 mg once a week. Although I'm holding on the Anastrozol for 4 weeks due to my E2 being so low it was undetectable. My T was 192. The cost includes all supplies needed, prep pads, syringes, meds, and a sharps container. Also includes all follow up labs and video consultations via video chat whenever I want. I never went to my Doctor. I found an anti aging clinic.