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Cost vs Benefit

I have been running cycles of 531 and I am pretty happy with my bench dead and m press in terms of technique. I have just read Dan John’s never let go and he is big on investing time learning the Ol lifts and seems to incorporate them into a lot of his workouts.

I’m 36 and would love a challenge to try to learn some of the lifts, but at this stage would it be better spending time on the 531 program

What do you mean by better? And is this an either/or scenario?


Oh, by all means give Olympic lifting a go if your looking for a challenge.
Especially if your bench, dead and m press are doing well. Cause Olympic lifting will blow you out of the water. There is very little explosion, flexibility, or coordination required for bench,dead and m press. But you will not olympic lift well without them,in additon to “strength”.

And just to push you a bit, i’ll ask in fun,"do you have the balls for it?"
Cause unlike the bench, dead or m press, there ain’t no spotters that can help you when your trying to clean and jerk double your bodyweight and you diving under the bar on the clean or snatch.
Its just you and the bar baby.
And if the lift doesn’t go well,
you gotta figure out how to get the hell out the way.

And one further push.
When you start,and realize it ain’t no walk in the park, go online for videos of the world’s best and watch what they throw up.
Not the guys, the girls. Little 116 lb Chinese girl puts 285 lbs over her head…with the cutest little smile to boot.
And a week ago a 17 year-old(guy)123 lb weakling cleaned and jerked 340 lbs.
Its some humbling shit.

Or you can just play it safe with slow and plotting bench, dead and m press.