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Cost of Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Hello, I’m wondering what everybody thinks a fair price for trt through a clinic is? I know I’ll probably get the standard answer, “everybody is different and has different needs”, but let’s say just a cookie cutter approach. No AI, no hcg, just test cyp.

Levels over past 3 years

Tt 330-568
Ft 5.5-8.8
E2 19 only checked once recently
Shbg 36 same as above


I pay $225 for 3 months. Drugs and consultations included. My insurance pays for blood work

That is very affordable. I cant get my gp to put me on a protocol and recently saw urologist that denied me base on my most recent blood test. Tt 568, ft 88.

It’s not looking like I’m going to be able to use insurance if I decide to go further with this.

Thanks for the response.

I use the restore clinic in Tennessee. Justin Groce is extremely thorough and had amazing customer service, and seems like he genuinely cares about his patients.

@tombrady12 tagging you because I edited my post, I got the damn name wrong of his company :man_facepalming:

Ok, I will check them out.

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My BIL uses Evolve and he’s at $135/mo for test, semi annual blood work, and HCG. I was at like $200 for my place until I dropped them for greener pastures.

Well the good news is that with insurance once I turned 65 had 10ml Test Cip cost $10 copay. The bad news is you’re 65.

Is evolve mpmd’s company?

It is not. They’re a provider out of Michigan but they’re just a telemed shop like everyone else. Though the range of what they offer is almost comical.

Ok, I think maybe he was affiliated with them at one time maybe?

So, $135-$200 a month seems to be where these online places cost. Most dont put pricing up.

I’m having a hard time finding elevate in Tennessee with Justin groce. It seems to be a popular name though, ohio, nc, Florida all have elevate clinics.

I pay $150 a month. Includes DR visit costs, T, HCG, syringes, and labs every 8 weeks till dialed in, then every 6 mos. It is through a local clinic.

I used Defy for a few years and this “all in” was a better deal.

Do you guys have any issues from your gp using a telemedicine company for trt? As in refusing to treat you?

Gotcha, thanks!

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Prior to switching my trt to my GP, I hadn’t seen him in five years, other than when we’d run into each other at the gym.

My gp told me that I was in the normal range with a tt of 330 and ft of 5.5. I’m just wondering about the backlash of this. Drs in my area dont seem to want to treat andropause. This process should be a lot easier!

I don’t think there is a trt clinic in the country that would turn you away with those numbers especially if you have symptoms.

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Fixed it.

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Lmfao… yes, symptoms include brain fog (been bad for the last 4-5 years), low energy and motivation, anxiety, low concentration. I’ve had anxiety my whole life and I’m not certain I’ve not dealt with some sort of hormonal problem my whole life.

In years past I have been on and off ssri’s bc of anxiety and am realizing that they have likely done more harm than good. I’m currently 3 years clean of ssri’s.

Yeah, that is a more realistic assessment.

He’s not part of Elevate, and it’s not in Tennessee. That may be the issue …