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Cost of Prep Coach


Hi guys,

Thinking of doing my first comp this year. I've met with a team of coach who have trained athletes in the past, and we see things the same way. I'd think I'd have a real good time training under them and they offered me a clear opinion on my strengh and weaknesses.

So all in all the question I have, is, for those of you who compete, for how long did you hire a coach and what was the cost of your prep coach?

right now I'm at 30 weeks out (set mid nov)

supervised training would be twice a week
about 80$ (a deal) per training session, so 160$ per week
so about 5000$.

plus supps, plus trunks, plus food...

should I take another mortage ?? ahahah

I'm in Qc, Montreal, so I'd like a chime with the financial aspect of competing... I would very much like to take part in this, but not at 800-1000$ per month, right now that would be crazy for me to do.



My friend who competes is paying an IFBB pro for 6 months of service. He's only paying him for diet plans and I guess some workout stuff but at 5'8 250+ offseason he's pretty much got that covered (No in person training sessions but meets with my friend every so often as he prepares for the NPC atlantic state). He's paying him $1,000 total. The guy is in NYC and I have no idea if he takes clients via internet but I know he has about 30 clients right now so I can get his name if you want.


Holy hell, unless you are training for a contest that is likely to net you a lucrative contract that is nowhere...nowhere near worth it.

I would personally look into someone like Shelby Starnes who does online consultation for contest prep. I am working with him for 28 weeks and it cost me a little more than 10% of what you are looking to pay.


Scott, a local buddy of mine was paying a hefty price for a full consult leading up to his first show. He got diet, posing, routine, ect....... It was cheaper then a grand, but not by much.



Hi Bonez

yeah that would be pretty neat actually. much appreciated

all in all I don't mind the online option, but since I have 0 experience with the posing routine and I have some slight morphologic imbalances (traps and romboids right now) wouldn't it be hard to have it done online? an honest question

also I think it being my first show I would like my trainer to come with me backstage for prep and support... I don't know, maybe it's me but I would like to have someone with experience be there to help and watch over me, it being my first time and all....

ahah maybe I'm asking too much, especially for a local show here in montreal ; )


I honestly have no idea about the personal dynamics of it. I'll try to get the guys name and contact info. PM me if i dont get back to you in a couple of days.


I've seen much cheaper rates than that, and by guys who are well known (pro cards,several certs etc...). Hell, Jim Cordova will do your diet and training for less than this guy who will only work with you twice a week wants -lol. Seriously, look around, because most people only really need help with the diet, as your training can be pretty simple and still allow you to retain muscle mass.



x2 on this.

I am also working with Shelby, and if you're really that concerned with having someone backstage with you during the actual event--he will do that as long as you pay for his travel expenses and accomodations, which would still be significantly cheaper than the 5 G's you're currently contemplating.


thanks for the info! I'm meeting him tomorrow and we'll discuss pricing. There's no way I'll pluck down that much. I might be a noob for contest prep, but I don't want this to ruin.

I would still need help posing though... I'll make another call or two....


Got one for free, my professor. He is a former bodybuilder that competed at 157 lbs. and opened the biggest gym in town back around 1980. So far its just been consulting. When the semester ends, I'm planning on joining his gym since they won't let me use the campus ones if not enrolled. He'll be able to train with me then.