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Cost of Pec Reattachment


Thankfully I have insurance, but today I got sent the bill from the hospital for recent services. If you don't have insurance, here is what you're looking at for the repair of a ruptured pec tendon in Michigan:

Radiology/MRI $4,424.00
Anesthesia $2,148.00
Surgery $12,262.00
Recovery room $2,719.00
"Supplies" $2,562.00
Hospital Pharmacy $813.35
IV meds/supplies $309.85

Grand total: $25,238.20

Careful with that benchpress!!


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cost of healthcare in the US is pretty overinflated, huh.
yeah. fortunately you have insurance.


Cost of a pec tear in a socialist health care system

Doctor's visit-free (except for the taxes)
Arm sling-free (except for the taxes)
Permanent disability-free

In all seriousness, I'm glad you have insurance and got everything taken care of. But good medicine costs money.


free to you but of course the government pays for the radiology and so forth. but how much does the government pay?

don't get me wrong. i do think the best standard of health care in the world is found in the US... for those who have good insurance.

and of course there is inflation of costs in national health systems, too (though i don't think quite as much).

one doc told me once that as soon as you put 'medical grade' label on something it about triples or quadruples in price. irrelevant things. like hand soap dispensers in bathrooms in public hospitals.


One bonus of being an insurance holder in the US, is that I was in the operating room 5 days after injury! I think if I were on Medicare, I would likely still be waiting.


yeah, so true. does suck a little with the system of GP needing to refer you to a specialist then a waiting list to get to see the specialist only to be told by that specialist that that is not their area of speciality so now you need to go back to your GP and get yourself on a wait list to see another specialist...


About $30,000 in Arizona - you got a great deal! Recover well.


what do u suppose the ins. company will actually pay?


if you were on medicare you'd pay 20% , but waiting happens anyway. your's was an emergency and had the ability to reattach. from what i understand doesnt happen very often and depend where the tear was.


Get all the elective surgery before Obama "care" kicks in, otherwise you may suffer for a very long time. Just ask those from the UK, or Canada on how long it takes just to get an MRI.


What you listed is what the insurance company will be billed by the providers. Providers will bill the highest rate possible to the insurance companies, knowing that it is unlikely that they will get all of the money from the insurance company. If you did not have insurance and were paying out of pocket, the doctor/facility would likely work with you and not charge the full amount listed there. That being said, it would still not be cheap, but I doubt you would end up getting charged the full $25,000.


4,424 for an MRI?


I think they billed me for two MRI scans. They put me in the tube and did my shoulder, and then pulled me out to put me in a different brace so they could scan my chest.


So you were actually taking huge amounts of cocaine in Hotel Ritz for a weekend.


ya if you were getting it done by someone famous, i know Dr. anthony does pectoralis repairs for around 3800 to 4000.


Those were the best "supplies" I ever had!


I think thye sent you the retail cost and not what the insurance company acctually paid. I had pec surgery and a knee scope done at the same time in 86' and the insurance only paid %8,000.


Obviously a few typos in my post. My sugery was in 1996 and cost just under 9 grand. That didn't include PT or any follow-up. I had the surgery within a week of the rupture and it was not succesful. Good surgeon but as someone already said pec reatatchment is not a high percentage operation.