Cost of EFAs and Dose

I’ve been using flax oil but I’m going to be switching types of oil from now on - 1 bottle of flax, followed by 1 bottle other oil, then flax again, etc.

I plan on taking either Udo’s or some high quality fish oil or even alternating betw the types. SO I went to 3 sites: Udo’s, Dr. mercola, and another Dr. selling premium, ultra-pure fish oil.
So I looked at the doses recommended by all 3, and I did the numbers. At my weight, at the highest dose, the cost comes out to:

Udo’s: $100/mo
Dr. Mercola: $70/mo
Dr. X: $68-90 /mo, depending on quantity purchased.

WTF? Even if i only took 1/2 the recommended dose, that’s no less than $34 a month. Seems pretty expensive, esp. since flax oil is so cheap. Flax at the same 1/2 doses works out to $14 a month from GNC, NOT from a discount retailer.

Of course, they all have $$$ to gain, so that would explain the high recommended doses.

So my questions are:

A)how much do you take? Why that specific amount?

B)Doesn’t the price of just 1/2 of the recommended dose seem way too expensive?

BTW, I am pretty stringent w/ my fat intake, so no way am I going to base all my fat intake on 3-4 tablespoon of nasty oil. Probably 2 tbsp a day of EFAs, at the most-maybe 3. I’m still experimenting, so I haven’t decided on a hard number yet. I also need some olive oil for flavor in my salads and tomato sauce, otherwise I can’t eat them.


I wouldn’t worry about those special oil blends, or even your omega-6 content if you’re eating enough foods with fat (lean meat, oatmeal, nuts). If you want to, you could take fish oil and extra virgin olive oil, and then flax (seed or oil) just occasionally. In this way, you’ll get less pro-oxidant activity. BTW, make sure you get your vitamin E.

Sonny, a good rule of thumb for fat requirements is .4g to .5g x LBM. Some of that is going to come from the meat, eggs and fish you eat. The reason for supplementing with Omega 3 fatty acids is to balance out the too-high intake of Omega 6s. They should be roughly equal, but in our society, the Omega 3 to Omega 6 ration is more like 1:20.

If you’d like to educate yourself a little on the health benefits, purchase Udo Erasmus’ book, “Fats that kill, Fats that Heal.”

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Are you bulking, maintaining or dieting? This makes a difference. You might want more fish oils when dieting but don’t need much when gaining, maybe a teaspoon and that’s it. For gaining, stick with monos like olive oil and some sats. like a couple ounces of whole cream or butter. A good alternative to flax oil is hemp seed oil and it costs about the same as well. Spending $100/month on EFA is ridiculous and unnecessary.

I take two caps of atlantic deep water salmon (swiss brand) which each contain 1000mg of pure salmon oil with my first meal. The cost is only 7 dollars canadian for 90 caps. Costs less than 3 Dollars a month

In the evening i take a spoon of olive oil or flax oil. Olive (extra virgin ofcourse) turns out to be alot cheaper and flexible than flax cause it can be used to fry stuff and in all sorts of recipes to spice up your meats. Olive oil extra virgin costs nearly 10 bucks a month from costco.

So the total cost is nearly a dozen or so dollars a month. No more than that. Cosidering the options you have listed i would say Damn cut down on your efa cost bro and use the money you save to buy other supps.

Thanks for the responses.

No, no, no! I’m not spending $100 a month on EFAs but after reading udo’s site the max dosage he recommends would cost me $100 a month.
That’s why I was wondering how much others take.

The cheap fish caps are something I refuse to take because of the low quality and possibly higher mercury levels. You get what you pay for.

And yes, I will prob read Udo’s book one day but for now I’m happy w/ what I’ve read on his site (and others). It is LOADED w/ articles and excerpts from his book. He makes a great case for upping those omega 3 levels.