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Cost of Anavar Only Cycle in Australia?

Any Aussie on here that run a Var only cycle, just wondering the $$$ and how much it cost to run

All depends on your source and how many mg’s/day you want to take, and for how long. It is not a cheap drug.
You also have to be aware real anavar is hard to get and many times it is substitued with other drugs like oral winstrol, that don’t have the very safe reputation of anavar.
You should also be aware that most people don’t bother with oral only cycles. It could effect your sex drive negatively if you are male. Whilst considered to have less effect on your hpta than many other steroids, when you take anavar in large enough doses for bodybuilding it will still shut your natural testosterone production down like any other steroid.
Most guys would take some sort of testosterone, as well as the var, to ensure their sex drive doesn’t plumet. You will still need to do PCT.