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Cost for Old Texas Power Bar?


Hey all, how much would you guys pay for an old Texas Power Bat?


Don’t know but you should look into restoring it. I had a go at an old bar not as nice as the texas power bar though . But it still spins properly. On saying that power bars don’t need to spin as much.


The guy who is selling it indicates it spins well; he wants $120 for it. I think that’s too much.


You will have to load it up and lift with it to see how well it works . In the UK it would be a bargain.
Also the knurling on the bar is a big factor. Ideally it shouldn’t be worn away.


Not much. I own one and yeah; it is a barbell. 120 isn’t a bad price of you are going to restore it.


What do you use now?
How long has it been on sale?
Spin is important for oly lifts, not so much for powerlifting
For me knurling would be very important. I would look at it and bring a wire brush, if the knurling is good, has some bite, show 100$, but walk if they whine, I think they will sell.


I currently use a Rogue untility barbell. I am not sure how long he has been selling it; he has several different bars. I asked if he had a Texas Barbell; he did.


The Rogue bar is good enough. I would put the money toward a SSB or Buffalo Bar if you want something special.


I bought a barely used Elite FTS SSB for $85. I was shocked the kid was selling it for so cheap. I jumped on that buy.


Sounds like a decent price. Use some CLR to get ride of what rust there is.

People generally know what they have when it comes to quality lifting equipment so true bottom basement bargains are rare. Sometimes you do get lucky though.


If the bar has good knurling under the rust and is pretty straight- 100$ is a pretty fair deal for both sides. I think
Good luck