Cost Effective Peri-Workout Ideas?

I’m reading around and trying to figure out cheaper pre and post workout nutrtion. I’ve read articles, but a lot of them just say “take Surge, it’s awesome!” and while that may be true (I use Surge right now) there are cheaper ways to get a pre/post workout drink from what I understand. I understand the basics that carbs + whey should be taken, but im confused as to what the carbs should be. I have seen words like dextrose/waxy maize/maltodextrin but I cannot figure out which one to use or how much of it is a good amount. The search function didn’t help much, just came up with a lot of low carb ideas or talking about surge. PLease if someone could help me clear this up that would be appreciated.

Solving Post-Workout Puzzle, part II, by John Berardi

The most cost-effective PWO shake I’ve had was a scoop of powdered gatorade (50g carb, mostly dextrose I think), a scoop of Grow! Whey (back when it was cheap, about 22g pro) and 5-10g of creatine (Also cheap, also awesome.