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Cosmetic Surgery

What cosmetic surgeries (if any) has anyone on here had or is thinking about Having? Just wondering…

Broke my nose playing football, had it put back straight.

Hair replacement from Bosley.

No male or female on either side of my family going back three generations has had any hair loss, but my hairline is quite receded and I hate it. I'm not on any gear, and due to a few other symptoms, I'm guessing I have a "problem" with high T count.

Either way, I'm going to buy my hair back. :)

I had 4 inches cut of my wang. Now I can have sex with normal width women. Before, nothing but elephants, horses (of larger breeds) and mothers who have had twin, triplets, quadruplets, etc…

...You know someone was going to make the joke eventually. Besides, I've got a date tonight and need to be on my best behaviour. I wanted to get it out of my system.

possibly chin and cheek implants. I’m definately going to get a gyno surgery done because during puberty, I got more than I bargained for.

I had a nose job.

What was wrong with it?

I had lipo last year. Used it to kick start my weightloss and as a motivational tool. I’m more motivated by fear of loss than desire to succeed.

absolutley none!I don’t worry about stuff like if my nose is too big or my chin isn’t big enough.

I’ve had breast augmentation. Being athletic and lean took its toll on my breasts and so I got implants. It was well worth the cost to feel more feminine and proportional again. Speaking of plastic surgery. I saw on TV that people can now get butt implants. Mostly women who have flat butts want this surgery. Crazy stuff. My thought is maybe those women should start doing more regular ass to grass squats in their workout, what do ya think.

Steve, When I went through puberty, my nose developed a “bump”. I have a sister who always ridiculed it, and I became obsessed(sp?)with it. After I had it fixed, I felt a big sense of relief. My whole outlook changed. My nose is not perfect, or anything like that, but after the surgery, I never even think about it anymore. It blends in with my face. Nobody can even tell I had it done, unless I tell them. NycMan

Any guys on the forum who have had a pec implant? Due to an injury my right pec no longer grows, (and has significantly atrophied.) I feel very lopsided and disproportianate as a result.
I am very self conscious as a result and have to attempt to buy clothes that do not “highlight” my chest. For example a typical decal t-shirt with a logo in the center will appear that the logo was applied crooked if I wear it.
My doctor has recommended a pec implant, but at a cost of almost $7k (for the one side!) Then I would aslo have to manipulate my workouts to ensure my left pec stayed the same size at all times, no bigger or smaller. Since it has only been four months since my accident I am still going to give myself plenty of time to see if it will heal and become functional once again, but I am looking at all of my options. Thanks…

I had my nose “altered” by a ridge hand.I never got fixed though. It’s not that bad.

I had Chin implant and neck lipo. Best thing I’ve ever done!