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Cory Everson Nude


Okay - maybe not but no one was responding to this thread so I thought a tease would prompt more traffic.

But seriously,

Cory Everson has the best physique of any female body builder - ever . After spending last summer shedding about 16 pounds of fat and adding 7 pounds of muscle, my next goal is attain a Cory-type physique.

I think I have pretty good genetics but there are not many resources for women on how to bulk.

Is there anyone who might have any advice, or that can direct me to someone who would know something about female bulking?

I want to do this naturally - no AAS.



As fas as I know, its pretty much same for women as men. Eat around 250-500 more calories then you need a day and lift heavy. Plenty of training articles on this site im sure you've noticed.

good luck in your pursuit of that body :wink:



What a GREAT question!

There is no doubt in my mind either that Cory was THE best...

The thing that has puzzled me is that her ex...Jeff Everson...was the "architect" of that wonderful physique...that unique combination of muscle plus feminity...

What's ODD is that Jeff has "stayed in the game" (as Editor and Chief of "Planet Muscle") but seems to have never written a book (or series of articles that I'm aware of!) on how to develop such a physique! (Well...there was "SuperFlex" that he wrote with Cory...but it was more of a "general" guide with some things that may be currently a little outdated).

You know what I would recommend?

Write Jeff!...tell him your goals...see if he would devise a program for you...Hey...tell him that you're even interested in having your transformation highlighted in "Planet Muscle"...

I don't know him...but he SEEMS like a straight shooter. (Hey...the WORST that he can say is "Thanks...but no thanks!"

Good luck...! And keep us updated!



Thanks Mufasa,

I don't know if I have the confidence to go up to the man and ask him for training advice personally, but thanks for the tip.

Is there anyone else out there that has experience with training women for hypertrophy?

Right now my thoughts are to use TBT, or EDT, or some other hypertrophy-based program, and eat like a pig.


Wow a woman who wants to actually put on muscle. I gathered as many trainers in my gym to show evidence of this mythical female.

Seriously though, JB massive dieting is right up your alley. As far as training like Cory Everson... get into the bodybuilder approach to training. Check out her routines of the past and other male and female bodybuilders for tidbits. Of course, T-Nation is busting out with plenty of info on this. I lean towards Arnolds way of doing things in the gym. The guy was really on to something BIG.


Jana.....Why not send an email to John Berardi and ask him how to modify massive eating?


While this, on the surface, is a great idea, please take it from me that the mags do NOT generally represent the actual training programs of the female bodybuilding stars.

I knew Cory very well and wrote several articles about her training. The vast majority of the time, the photographer took training pics that struck his fancy and I was asked, by various editors, to write programs that matched the photos.

This was also true of the scores of articles I wrote on other female bodybuilding stars.

As far as the original question, I trained with a few female bodybuilding stars of the 90's. I even prepared one (Lisa Lorio) for the Ms. Olympia. I can say quite honestly that none of the ones I trained with kept a training log or varied their training much. Most of what they accomplished was through the use of drugs and not any special knowledge of training or diet.

The recommendations posted in this thread (referring you to articles already on the site and perhaps employing aspects of "Massive Eating") would serve you well.


I'm pretty curious Atomic Dog on what type of regiment you would advise in this case....


It sounds like you are saying that AAS is the only way you've seen women get physiques like Cory.

Is it possible for me to achieve the look I want naturally? If so - there is little in the way of female oriented diet plans for bulking.

Are there any modifications I need to make to any of the T-diets - or are they unisex?

My head hurts.


It seems to me that, for men, there is no standard way to bulk. Some things work for some men, some other things work for other men. This would lead me to believe that it would be the same for women. I don't think there will be any "best" for you to bulk. You might have to play around things a little bit.

My advice, to add to the previous posts, would be to track everything very carefully. Watch the scale, bodyfat %, know exactly what you're putting into your body, so if you get results that aren't prefect, you can adjust accordingly.

Here's a thought, if Shugart is keeping a diary of his cutting phase, why don't you keep a diary of your bulking phase? This way, we can all learn from you, and, if you run into trouble, your questions can be more specific and we can help you out... just a thought.

Good Luck



You can look like the EARLY Cory without drugs. I'm not sure you can acquire the physique Cory had just before she hung up her posing suit.

You can, however, get pretty impressive nonetheless by training naturally.

Tell you what, email me at TC@T-nation.com and I'll send you a great program that was used by Christian Thibaudeau's girlfriend.

I'll also try to get you some bulking recommendations.



Do you know when that pic of Cory was taken?



I know from personal experience that using a pwo drink (Surge comes to mind) makes up about half your gains. I have gained one lb a week with pwo drink and about half that with low fat milk.

I had heard that women have about one tenth (1/10) the amount of T as men.
Assuming women grow muscle at one tenth that of men. You are looking at gaining one tenth of a lb a week. That translates to about 5 lbs a year.

If that is true ... you can still do it if you want it bad enough.