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Cory Booker

What is your opinion of this guy? I’ve read so many different things about him that an accurate picture seems unlikely. I have read everything from him being a true champion of the people to him being a corporate wolf in sheep’s clothing. What are your thoughts? I am especially interested in what people from NJ/NY think, since they are closer to the action.


[i]Newark Set to Elect New Mayor
By JANET FRANKSTON, Associated Press Writer

NEWARK, N.J. - Following a far tamer political race than the mayoral battle of four years ago, Election Day in New Jersey dawned with four candidates hoping to lead the state’s largest city.

Front-runners Cory Booker, a 37-year-old former Rhodes scholar, and state Sen. Ronald L. Rice, a veteran city politician, were vying Tuesday to become Newark’s first new mayor in two decades.

Booker, a Yale Law School graduate and former Stanford University tight end, amassed a war chest of $6 million in the race. He’s still drawing national attention, but less than four years ago.

He emerged as the favorite after Mayor Sharpe…[/i]

I was at a function last week where Mr.Booker addressed the attendees and must say he was a very motivational speaker, who seemed to champion the little man.

The problem with politicians is you never know what you will get after the votes are counted, and as such you won’t see the true Mr. Booker untill he is called to task.