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Corvallis, Oregon

I’m Curious… Anyone from here?


Just relocated here to Portland. I have posted a few times and got some peeks but no reply to the thread. SO WHAT"S UP OR are you just a unfriendly bunch. Don’t tell me you’re as tightassed as the losers in WA.

I lived in Covallis for 4 months during my freshman year of college. It rained for 3 of the 4 months. I packed it up and transfered out of there. Better to tan than rust.


I think you PM’d me once asking me where I live in Oregon, but that might have been someone else. I live in Salem. Where do you train in Corvallis?

Yes, I think Corvallis has the worst weather in the valley. Seems most times I drive down to Eugene on I-5, if the weather can be bad it will be bad in Corvallis, or at least that whole section of the valley.

Norweige, that was me. I live in Gresham, near Portland.

It certainly does rain here a lot, but that also means snow in the mountains ( snowboarding!), great fishing, camping, hunting, etc.

Glad to hear the police have a suspect in the Brooke Wilberger case!


I hadn’t heard anything about the BW case, thats good to hear. I train at Gold’s Gym on Highway 99, i like it alot; there are quite a few bodybuilders that go there regularly, there is a powerlifting coach, and quite a few hardcore regulars.

They play decent music for the most part and i don’t get TOO many funny glances for doing overhead squats or deadlifts, more looks out of curiosity. I will be busy with football here pretty soon, but if any of you are ever staying in Corvallis you could PM me beforehand to arrange a time to meet at the Gym possibly.


wow, i know this thread is kindda old…but still cool to see other oregon members…(from salem by the way 24hrs on lancaster)