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Cortisone Shot for Swollen Finger Joint


Hey guys, a while back I posted in this forum with a Boutonniere Deformity. Here is my thread for anyone that is interested:


I ended up wearing the splint for 6 weeks and took it off in mid October...it took a few weeks for it to have any sort of mobility at all, but I kept working it up and down until mobility came back....

By the first week or so of November, I was able to touch my fingertip to my palm, and had a bit more flexibility than that when drinking (guess it took down the swelling temporarily).

Problem is it hasn't gotten any better since then...I still can't make a fist...deadlift and pullup grip is decent but I'd really like for it to function normally...it is still visibly swollen at the joint...

My question is if a cortisone shot is likely to help? And if so, how do I go about getting one? I don't think a GP is the right person--should I just go back to the hand specialist to inquire about it?

Thanks for any thoughts yall have...


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Thanks for your thoughts BBB...I was thinking along the same lines

To heat it, would you recommend just wrapping it in a hot cloth? At what duration and frequency would I need to have to see effects?

Do you think something like Icy Hot would be beneficial, or is that for muscles exclusively?


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Nope you are correct Ice hot is basically a skin irritant that causes the sensation of warmth. Great as a topical analgesic, but other than that pretty useless in terms of physiological response. There will be a mild increase in blood flow due to the skin irritation, but that will be directed towards the dermis, not the muscle tissue.