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Cortisone Shot for Shoulder?


A while back I posted about cracking in my shoulders, mainly my left one. I gathered it wasn't a big deal really and just neverminded it. The thing is my left shoulder is constantly in some sort of pain, mild to nagging and once every couple of months or so severe for about a day. Rotator cuff work used to hurt but lately that's subsided and it's comfortable.

The thing is my shoulder doesn't so much "pop" as it does "click." It feels like it's bone on bone. I doubt I can diagnose it by feel like that but I've been thinking about getting a shot if it helps with this sort of problem. Any advice?


I don't knowif it will help you but it didn't do jack for me.


It's a temporary solution and didn't do shit for me either. I ended up having surgery anyways.


I hear that a lot. I might look into it still. Don't like the idea of surgery because I can't afford the recovery time


If you can't afford the recovery time now, can you afford more recovery time later? You shouldn't fuck around with shoulder injuries, all they do is get worse and eventually you'll need surgery anyway. My buddy hasn't touched a weight in over a year because he made that same mistake. He's still rehabbing.


Yeah I've been thinkin' about that a lot. I don't know really what condition the shoulderr is in or whether or not it requires surgery or anything. My doctor screwed around with it and jus gave me some ibuprofin and to do mobility and rotator cuff work, but then again he didn't give me an x-ray or anything.

I'm thinkin' about scheduling an x-ray for next week to get a real look at it and see what's really goin' on in there. If it comes out that I have to get surgery then I just hope I can recover ASAP. I'm gonna be battlin' for a football scholarship in January and if it needs surgery then it'll just hold me back even longer.


I can't even guess what is wrong with your shoulder. If it is just some inflammation- which by the doctor giving you just ibuprofen suggests it- a shot may help, hell it did wonders for me. If it is something structural, to include tears, etc., the shot won't help, and may in fact make things worse; steroids (NOT AAS) weaken the tissue.
I would have to imagine an X-ray wouldn't help to see much of anything. An MRI would.
Aggressively pursue your doc, if you don't like his answers, seek another, or a consult with a specialist. Most family practice docs only have a general idea of shoulders and sports injuries.
At least with my bosses, prescribing ibuprofen and mobility work means one of two things: 1) nothing seems to be seriously wrong, this will hold you over and the prehab/rehab work will help with the pain. 2) they don't really know what it going on, this prescription (along with time) works %75 of the time, let's see what happens, he'll come back if it doesn't help.


Thanks man. Well I got lucky with that doctor because he was a joint specialist (not an orthopedic surgeon, but an orthopedic somethin or other). He felt it was inflamation but it's the worst I've ever had in any joint or body part, and it's only in my left shoulder and not in the right. He noticed that my shoulder joint spasmed when he would rotate my arm and all that, but he prescribed mobility stuff. I'm gonna go get a second opinion here soon, just to be sure, and I'll ask about a cortisone to see if it'll help subside some pain. Thanks for the info


I know you're in pain, but do you actually know what the cause is?

Because if you don't then I really think cortisone's a bad idea. Anyone I know that has used it has only done so as an absolute last resort, and it did shit all for them anyway.


yea but then again there is the possibilty that it can work and there is no harm it can do.

at least thats what my doctor preached while sticking the cortisone needle into my knee

3 weeks later

didnt do shit and im getting surgery



Cortizone can do harm if you train hard. It can allow the tissue to break down as it breaks down the inflammation and let tendons rupture. I had a series of cortizone shots in my shoulder due to an impinged AC joint. The only thing that helped me was the surgery itself. I still had pain even w/ the shots until I had the surgery.

The pain you seem to be describing sounds exactly like my pain. Dull, constant, and irritating all day and night. Ask your DR for an MRI and look at the AC joint and Shoulder socket. I had developed a cyst in my AC joint from the compression of the impingement, which became a double edged sword of pain. This caused the clicking sound and some tremendous mobility loss.


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