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Cortisone Blockers

Does anyone know if these products are of any worth? I know that the bodybuilding supplement world is full of snake oils and potions, and I am wondering if this is just another one of them. The claims sound very appealing, but that usually means it is too good to be true. Thanks.

I am doing a piece on neuro transmitters and it turns out that many hany significant effects on cortisol. Hence their action in the brain. Stuff like Phosphatidylserine and Acetyl L-Carnitine or Power Drive would be good bets.

Thanks, D.

I do not believe there is value in reducing
cortisol levels except where they are
excessive. Normal levels are beneficial
and reducing them is disadvantageous
to the athlete. This can be seen very readily
by using drugs which actually reduce cortisol.
The result is sore joints, with no obvious
muscle growth as a side effect.

I tried one of the cortisol blockers which I think was primarily phosphatidyslerine (Cort Block?) about 2 years ago. It appears to have helped slightly with recovery (I seemed to not be so sore afterwards) – but it really didn’t help me to any great extent, certainly not in gaining muscle. Others may have found it did wonders for them – but not for me. Plus it was quite expensive at the recommended dosages – dollar-wise, I have got MUCH more bang for my buck from Androsol and Mag-10 than I got from the cortisol blocker.

I tend to be a stressed type, and the cortisone blockers sounded kinda keen w/ the whole cuttin the stress hormone down. But, being the tightwad that I am, I dont think I will plop down any major bills for something that only has marginal effects, and could possibly cause other crap. Thanks guys.