Cortison Effect on Muscle Growth?

Hello all,
I have a question that maybe somebody here knows the answear too. I am eating cortison ('cuz a medical condition) but will this effect muscle growth in a negative way?

Depending on length of treatment, cortisone, being a catabolic hormone will induced peripheral muscle wasting, increase abdominal adiposity and predispose to diabetes and hosts of other side effects.

If you are taking cortisone for a few weeks (for an asthma exacerbation for example). Then this should not impact you that significantly.

If you are taking cortisone on for an extended period of time for a chronic medical condition (rheumatoid arthritis or other auto-immune/inflammatory disorder) then cortisone will show its host of side effects but the cost/benefit is usually on the side of cortison since many of these diseases can be severely debilitating in the acute phase and the long run.

Of course, any change in your cortisone-taking habits should be discussed with you physician because changing it on you own/stopping it can have very dire consequences and can be fatal in certain situations.

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Thank alot for the very informative reply. I have a chronic medical condition, but my doctor wanted me to try to stop taking cortisone, was just curious if it did have any effect on muscle growth. But as you say it’s cost/benefit in most cases will lead to taking cortisone, once again thanks :slight_smile: