Any thoughts on the following book:

“The Cortisol Connection: Why Stress Makes You Fat and Ruins Your Health - And What You Can Do About It”

It’s quite expensive, so if anyone’s read it, would they mind offering an overview of what’s mentioned?


I haven’t read that particular book but have explored a lot on that topic and I agree with it’s title anyway. It’s not so much the stress, it’s the things in today’s society that stress us and what we do to alleviate that stress…stress in the absence of activity is not natural and neither is having so much food readily available to relieve that stress. Without getting into all the details, being overstressed and overfed at the same time is a very bad scenario for body composition and is exactly the situation most americans put themselves in.

it would be much cheaper typing “cortisol stress” in the search engine as we had numerous discussions about it here.