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For the next 3 months I will be goiung through a very stressful time and also will definately not be getting enough rest or sleep. I have drastically cut back on the volume of my workouts and am looking for other ways of lowering my cortisol levels-I remeber reading that 3 grams of vitamin C would lower it, and am thinking about taking a PS supplement. I have been taking 2 doses of Powerdrive daily and also am thinking of adding a third. I recently started trying 20 mins of “meditiation” a day during which I usually fall asleep. Any ideas besides quitting my job?

Excellent question. I read that less than 8 hours raises cortisol levels. I find this interesting because personally I feel more relaxed when on 6 hours a night. Definitely getting cortisol under control is a big issue for many of us though.