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Cortisol & Test Relationship


I suffer from allergies in the form of eczema and skin rashes. Now, in that case, does the body overproduce cortisol to battle the inflammation? And what happens to testosterone levels if this is indeed the case? Could allergies, in fact, hamper muscle gains?


it could possibly interfere if what you say is happening is happening, probably best to check with a doctor.


problem is the doctor only prescribes me hydrocortisone cream, which is merely the synthetic form of the hormone, thus perpetuating the cortisol/testosterone imbalance. So I'm pretty much left in the dark. Since I'm 22, would taking a supplement like Alpha Male do anything to boost my t levels? I should probably test them before hand, right?


I never had eczema until I used testosterone injections. Now I can't get rid of it even when I am not on injections. I think the problem is too much Test and not enough Cortisol.


interesting, thanks for the feedback.


interesting, thanks for the feedback.


That is interesting, especially since allergic reactions/skin flushing is most often associated with impurities in the byproducts from the creation of injectable forms of these hormones, right?

I am certainly no expert on the matter, but I have heard that HRT products, especially trenbolone which is often derived from a legally obtainable vetinerarian product, has been implicated in severe outbreaks.