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Cortisol/PS Supplementaion

Bill- Could you tell me what the proper dose of Phosphatidylserine is for combatting cortisol? Also,in your opinion, what are some of the other best cortisol fighting supplements? Thanks.

From the studies - 800mg of “ACTIVE” PS, not PS complex - big big difference. It’ll probably run you about $40 per 14 days give or take.

I really don’t know. I’m not a believer in the concept generally of reducing cortisol in most cases. There are drugs that do this and I wouldn’t use any of them for these purposes in the great majority of cases.

Normal cortisol is a good thing. Reducing
this leads to no anabolic benefit, but does typically lead to joint pain.

So even if PS is effective for this, in most cases I still wouldn’t think it should be used.

Poliquin has some intreguing ideas of PS supplementation. I beleive his dietyary recommendations are not just to lower cortisol levels, but to regulate their levels towards what is more “normal”.

I realize normally, cortisol isn’t much of a problem. However, I suffer from a good deal of anxiety, which stresses me out quite a bit. Plus, I have some symtoms of high cortisol.(Slow recovery, 8-9% BF, but still very flabby in stomach, and I suspect VERY low T) I have a low sex drive, and rarely awake with an erection. Plus, I’m taking Tribex 500 and Vitex. Oh, and I’m only 26. Any other ideas?

Bump up. Anyone have an opinion on this?

Stop taking the vitex. Also have your cortisol levels checked if you are worried about them. It’s quite inexpensive.

Bill only mentioned lowering “normal” cortisol levels may not be necessary but I agree with you that your level sounds elevated and may need attention, I think PS would help you in dealing with “elevated” levels, a good protocol for you would be 500-700 mg 3 days a week (not in a row) for 4-6 weeks max, see how it goes cant use too much of a good thing.

Hi, VCreed. I agree with Kalai, get your cortisol levels checked and your T levels as well. I would challenege you to do some research on doctors in your area and find someone who is sports minded and a bit more “progressive,” essentially someone you believe will work with you. Myself, when I’m doing that kind of research, I talk to people at health food stores. I’ve called the sports director of different universities in the area. I’ve talked to doctors who are athletes. Word of mouth goes a long way towards helping you find a doctor who will REALLY work with you to achieve your goals.

Okay, re the anxiety, here’s something I would recommend you look into. Several European countries have approved kava preparations in the treatment of nervous anxiety, insomnia and restlessness on the basis of detailed pharmacolgical data and favorable clinical studies. There are always drugs (oxazepam, benzodiazepines and others), but they are addictive and have side affects.

In one clinical trial 84 patients with symptoms of anxiety showed progressive improvement over four week on two different anxiety scales/indexes. In another study patients taking kava extract had a statistically significant reduction in symptoms of anxiety, including feelings of nervousness and somatic complaintes such as heart palpitations, chest pains, headache, dizziness and feelings of gastric irritation. No side effects were reported.

In clinical studies using pure kavalactones or kava extracts standardized for kavalactones, the dosage is based on the level of kavalactones. As the kavalactone content of the root varies between 3 and 20%, preparations standardized for kavalactone content are strongly preferred to non-standardized preparations. For anxiety, take 45-70 mg of kavalactones three times per day. A sedative dosage is 180-201 mg of kavalactones taken 1 hour before retiring. You should continue to notice improvement over the course of eight weeks.

Kava extract is not associated with depressed mental function or impairment in driving or the operation of heavy equipment, unlike benzodiazepines, alcohol and other drugs.

Additionally, since recovery is an additional concern, I’d encourage you to do some research on the area. There’s a message just ahead of this one about weightlifting and marathon running in which recovery was discussed. As far as PS goes, I believe someone said that John Berardi recommended PS at a dosage of 300-600mg to reduce cortisol levels. But I’ll warn you, PS is not cheap.

Best of luck to you, VCreed. If you have any questions just post them here. And don’t be afraid to bump it if you don’t get an answer. There are some great resources here on the forum.

Relora, an herb, is supposed to lower cortisol and reduce stress. It’s relatively cheap, so it’s worth a shot.

Just curious, why do you suggest stopping the vitex?