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Cortisol, Olympic Weightlifting Plan


Hi all. I am currently undergoing the following routine and would like some evaluative feedback from any knowlegdeable parties. I am attempting to gain strength and to maintain endurance at its current level as well as energy levels.

I am concerned with the effects of cortisol however and am especially interested in info on this topic(many would say I'm overtraining but I have no dips in energy levels thus far, no fatigue symptoms, etc.). I wish to build absolute strength not lean body or fat mass and am interested in competing(at the amateur level) in olympic-style weightlifting at some point. Here is the routine:

2 sessions per day, 4-day cycle: 1)predominantly "Upper Body Pulling movements"; 2) predominantly "Lower Body Quad-Dominant"; 3) "..." "Upper Body Pushing"; 4) Olympic-Style Weightlifting: AM: predominantly "Lower Body"; PM: "..." " Upper Body".

AM: 4-6 sets of 6RM(always to failure; warm-up 1-2 sets), 4 'main' heavy exercises'
PM: 3 'main/heavy/compound/multi-joint/most mass' exercises; 6 sets, 1-5 reps
'Olympic' Day 4: 3 exercises, 8-10 sets, 1-3 reps

Day 1: AM Deadlift(variation 1), Row/Shrugs(variation 1), deadlift(v.2), shrugs/rows(v.2), curls(2 variations0, wrist felxion/extension(2 variations), static holds
PM Deadlist(v.1 and v.2), Shrugs, neck

Day 2: AM Squat(v.1), Step-up, Squat(v.2), Squat(v.3), hip bridge, kneeling squat, calf raises(v.1 and v.2)
PM: squat(v.1), step-up, squat(v.2), calves(v.1)

Day 3: AM supine Pressing exercises(v.1-3), dips, presses(for triceps), rectus abs/intercostals
PM: press(v.1-3), neck

Day 4: AM 3 'lower-body' olympic lifts as above, abs
PM: 3 'Upper-body' olympic lifts as above, calves

What do you all think of this routine? I know it looks crazy but...ANy feedback would be appreciated.


If your goal is oly lifting and absolute strength this seems like a pretty crappy routine. 3 deads and 3 rows/shrugs on day 1? What is the point of that? Day 2 has 5 squats in it? Would you mind explaining what you think you'll gain from that? Only two sessions of oly lifts? I would just get on an oly program man, much simpler and is geared towards your goals. If you want to compete in oly lifting squatting and deading that much probably wont help as much as doing the oly lifts. Good luck with your goals.


5 sets of squats, etc. pay attention now!


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lolol thanks big guy. im trying to help, if your goal is oly lifting, why aren't you focusing on that?


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know it looks crazy

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lots of people have the goal of improving their limit strength. lots of people have made phenomenal progress on their goal of improving their limit strength. why don't you find someone who you are particularly impressed by and do as they say for a while. e.g., have a go at a 5x5 or 5/3/1 or whatever.
you don't tell us how long you have been training or what your numbers are on your lifts. so... that probably means you aren't really in the position to be writing your own programs (since you don't know that that is pretty crucial information).

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How are you splitting the clean, jerk, and snatch into upper and lower body components?

If you want to learn Olympic Lifting the best thing you can do is to find yourself a competent coach.
You shouldn't have a problem working Olympic Lifting technique while running a quality strength program.
Especially if you are keen to train as often as you are.


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May I suggest you head over to Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength forum for assistance? He's (admittedly) never trained an advanced Olympic lifter before but seems to believe he has all the answers and is looking for one Olympic weight lifter to listen to him.

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