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Cortisol Issues


Lately when i do sport in the evening i have real problems with sleeping. i have a hard time falling asleep and then i wake up sweatty after an hour or so. and i feel pressure on my chest and have elevated HR. so those days i sleep like 3-4 hours if im lucky. it bugs me and ruins my training the next day. i cant move the time of sports cause its fixed, so im asking can some medicine or supplements help here?
thanx in advance


how long after training do you go to bed?

I also have this problem sometimes, just do your best to relax completely between training and when you go to sleep.

Is it possible to simply wake up slightly later in the day? this would allow you to have more time between training and bed time.

Im sure someone can recommend something else (ZMA, vit C)


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ive heard rhodiola can help reduce cortisol. whenever i take it i feel more relaxed but perhaps its just a placebo effect. maybe BBB can chime in on this because i know hes like THE expert on this kind of stuff.