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Cortisol is Better to Down Regulate T Then E2?


I have read that cortisol is better to down regulate T then E2, either way T is going to be down regulated. So the theory is guys with adrenal fatigue who have low cortisol are going to find E2 rising to control T, and then all the symptoms of E2 appear. When cortisol is normal, this helps regulate T without increasing E2. Does all this sound right so far.

Now has anyone had good success with pregnenolone raising their cortisol levels and lowering E2. I have been on arimidex 1/2mg twice a week for around 6 weeks for naturally high E2/39 and this came down to 32 and feel alittle better but further testing showed my dhea levels to be below range 2.1(2.2-15.5) and my doc wants to get dhea higher and i told him it just increases E2 which last time (oral/50mg)put it upto 54, i also ask to add pregnenolone to the mix and have a transdermal dhea50mg/preg50mg cream and doc said to increase arimidex to 1/2mg three times a week. My total T was good but freeT was low and doc said he would treat me with T after testing and see how this next protocol go's. Been on dhea and preg cream now only 4 days and feeling alittle better but to hard to judge, i take it will be weeks before feeling alot better. Before starting the creams i did have a morning cortisol and progesterone test done to help measure effects of this treatment, no results yet.

I would appreciate anyones input. Sorry if i have hijacked threads, its one of those things hwee something pops into your head and away u go, so yes sorry guys, this is a good forum where i wouldnt want to be isolated from.



ditto the first part.

I tried multiple versions of pregnenolone without success (TD, oral, and Lipid Matrix Micronized). I always had weird and strong side effects, so I had to boost cortisol directly, then fixed my Reverse T3 problem.

DHEA also caused me to have constant Estrogen problems/side effects.



            how did you correct your rT3 problem?  Did you take a T3 only version?


Danny, Your logic is hard to follow. Perhaps what you wrote makes sense to you. What are other readers meant to thing of this?

Any articles that you base this on that does not involve rats, cat fish or expectant first time fathers?



im also in the musclechatroom forum, they seem big on controling E2 through using pregnenolone then using an AI. There theory is that T is going to be down regulated by some means, either E2 or cortisol. Those with adrenal fatigue and have low cortisol levels are going to increase E2 to down regulate T so T doesnt get to high but will end up being estrogen dominant and all the symptoms that go with it. Also high LDL cholesterol is a sign of low preg levels, so im led to believe and my LDL are high.

Im now on arimidex 1/2mg 3 times a week with the dhea50mg/preg50mg, its only been a week or so but im feeling better, i suppose i will wait and see how my labs look in a few weeks.

What am i really getting at?? i think its controlling E2. Is it different for someone with adrenal fatigue then andropause who have normal preg and cortisol levels? I think my E2(39 and down to 32 on 1/2mg arimidex twice a week)) is quite high for someone not on T replacement.


Thanks for your reply purechance, did u also have low dhea levels and did adding preg by itself increase dhea. Im on dhea as my doc said my levels were too low 2.1(2.2-15.5)and i mentioned the preg for which he said was cool but said no testing of preg in australia, but did get a progesterone test prior to using preg as a baseline reference point. Has the cortisol solved most of your problems then? Just to let u know i think my hormonal problems are secondary to chronic fatigue syndrome/ongoing infections which are also being treated with good results, now trying to treat my abnormal hormonal stuff going on and get that extra energy boost and back into the gym more consistently.

thanks again,

I will see where all this takes me and if no success maybe go down the cortisol supplementation in the future


I started off by working on my Vitamin D and ferritin problem with supplements, then worked on my aldosterone issue (by taking sea salt)...

then I started on Hydrocortisone for my cortisol issue, and then finally added 30mg T3 only when all of those together failed to fix the issue.


This is a TRT forum and I think that much of what you are talking about is for guys not taking any T. When on TRT, the HPTA is shut down and E2 cannot down reg T [but it can block T at receptors and increase FT-->SHBG-T, lowering FT]. As for what the others are claiming, I was not aware that pregnenolone was HPTA repressive. Any evidence for that? Please read forums.steroid.com/showthread.php?412310-DHEA-PREGNENOLONE-And-HPTA and let me know what you think.

So what you are discussing needs to be in the explicit stated context of non-TRT.

Does that make sense?


Hi purechance,
Im thinking i may have done too much at once, that is adding both dhea and preg. I have sorted my vit d levels and got them up to high range. Im thinking of emailing my doc for just a script for preg cream 50mg/ml and start at 25mg and go from there. Im thinking the preg is already increasing dhea and then im adding dhea to it. As for arimidex, maybe cut it out as i have heard preg can lower E2. After a period on just preg and watch what it does, i will then treat any other abnormlaities like E2 and dhea, then down the track T.

Does all that sound more reasonable?



dhea and preg caused all sort of problems for me and gave me endless grief until I figured it out and cut preg and dhea from my routine.

everyone reacts differently, some do great on them, but just be careful.


I never got anywhere with those two either and when I withdrew the DHEA the Bacne stopped. Never had that before in my life.

I used phosphatidyl serine to reduce my cortisol and that was a big mistake, I need a lot of cortisol.