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Cortisol, Hormones, Optimization

From this recent gem (CT loves keeping his podcasts secret):

OK, I wanted to ask this in the thread on your previous podcast:

What are the optimal diet & training tips to minimize cortisol, maximize progenelone, testosterone/HGH (without taking exogenous hormones)?

The stuff you talked about re: excessive cortisol I definitely experienced. It is the death knell of gains (the most distinct experiences I recall being over stimmed, lifting lots of weight and doing excessive volume but LOOKING WORSE after workout and next day. And over time, I suspect the excessive stims can indeed kill testosterone (i have no morning wood).

But since most of us have busy lifestyle/jobs what precautions can we do practically speaking? Pretty much everyone runs on coffee (caffeine/neurostims particularly helpful in high stress/performance demanding jobs).

So can we balance this with training? And what other signs should we look for: lack of a pump, less vasuclarity, body doesn’t feel activaed, etc.?

Does heavy lifting or certain training styles (I remember feeling very “anabolic” when I first did built for bad) offset the stressful lifestyle?

Also funny to hear on the podcast you mentioned eating 2-3 meals a day but snack on veggies (brocoli, green pepper, spinach) throughout the day. That is just raw veggies? Pure veggies snacking? Wow impressive (do you put seasoning?)

And you said carbs are key to muscle growth but youre mainly eating green veggies & fish (some almonds and rice also)…what carbs do you recommend? Can we do just fruits? (healthy & optimize hormones?)

Thanks CT !

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I obviously use PLAZMA pre-workout. I eat plenty of fruits (especially when I’m focusing more on gaining muscle than getting leaner). Personally I eat mostly pineapple, watermelon, honeydew melon, blueberries and some raspberries. Grapes post-workout from time to time. I also recommend rice and potatoes for your carb intake.